Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bloggershoot Quick Notes...

I'll download the pictures tonight and have a full AAR up tomorrow, but just a few quick notes on this year's Northeast Bloggershoot:

  • Changing the date to Saturday was a hit all around. I think going forward we'll plan it for Saturday. Not having to roll my sore body out of bed to go to work today was a major plus.
  • Just a sampling of what was shot yesterday: TC Contender in .30-06. Serbu Super Shorty. AK-54. Wildley in .45 WinMag. AMT Automag in .30 Carbine. 300 BLK AR with 9" barrel. It was the Day Of The Fireball. And I LIKED IT.
  • Even thought it happens every single year, I feel the need to reiterate. We had probably close to 100 guns, and several thousand rounds of ammunition at the shoot. Most of the ammo got sent downrange. There were machine guns, suppressed firearms, shotguns, suppressed machine guns, high powered rifles, small concealable handguns, openly carried firearms, concealed firearms, and even a cannon. Yet the only injuries were sore shoulders and raw thumbs from reloading magazines.
  • Reactive targets still rule the roost. My club had some recent unpleasantries and has banned all reactive targets (steel, orange clays, etc.) and being able to send a plastic jug skittering across the range with 00 buckshot is one of life's little pleasures.
  • In that same vein, plastic laundry detergent bottles are remarkably resilient targets. We get the mondo sized jugs from the warehouse store, and it's surprising how much abuse they can soak up. We had some that were still recognizable despite being down range all day long...
  • People attended this shoot from as far away as OH, MD, and western NY. That people travel so far to spend the day with our little group of misfits and malcontents amazes me. That we have such a great time, however, does not surprise me in the least. Gunnies are good people, and our tribe is a good one.
  • And, lastly, and most importantly of all... A ***HUGE*** "THANK YOU"!!! to Mr. and Mrs. Doubletrouble for opening the sooper seekrit range to us all. It's not just a fun range where we can shoot all kinds of targets; it's their home. They open it up to this motley group of heavily armed folks willingly and gladly, and I cannot thank them enough for it. I can't imagine holding the Northeast Bloggershoot anywhere else.
Hope everyone had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Glad it went well, and damn I hated missing it!

Brad_in_MA said...


I'm right there with you in giving Mrs. and Mr. DoubleTrouble a giant THANK YOU for hosting at their sooper seekrit location in Free America. And thanks to you for acting as "Julie" our cruise director.

NFO -- a fun time was had by all.

Dave H said...

I echo Jay's sentiments. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Doubletrouble for allowing us to come make noise, smoke, and sarcastic jokes at their home. I also appreciate that they didn't open fire on my car as I came up the driveway, since I was the first guest to arrive.

Jay, you've gathered good people around you. I like your tribe.

Oh, and I'm sorry the bowling pins didn't last very long. I didn't realize what the .30-06 would do to them. (grin)

Wally said...

Thanks again to DoubleTrouble & MrsDT for hosting such a cantankerous crew! Jay, you continue to be a community organizer of no parallel :)

It was great to get together again - and believe me the physical pain in getting there was well worth it for the emotional awesomeness. Always so nice to see the friendly faces of the clan and meet some new ones too.

And I really liked seeing the sights this year. A few folks sporting YA tees and there were a handful of Conspirators wielded on the line. I felt like a proud papa :)

DaveH - sorry to say I wanted to chat with you F2F, but didn't recognize you from your avatar pic :(

Thank you all for the great great event!

Wandering Neurons said...

Ditto to all of the above?
Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. DoubleTrouble, for their efforts and understanding of our little group of reprobates. And their cat didn't get loose, either.
Having such a huge assortment of weapons was great, from tiny pistols, suppressed tiny pistols, through rifles, shotguns, and the cannon. What an excellent opportunity to play "show and tell"!
Made it home safely and in good time. Will send folks pictures tomorrow, after I unwind.
OldNFO, you missed a great time, great weather, great food, and great friendship!

Dave H said...

Wally: We did speak, briefly. I asked if I could shoot your rifle and you asked me if I needed a magazine. I was wearing a light blue shirt and a Guinness ball cap. (Not much to go on, I know. If I can make it next year I'll look you up for sure.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay, and everyone. I didn't stay long, but I am glad I swung by on my way out of the country. (it was the pain I anticipated, without adding residue to the mix) Maybe next year my schedule will allow me to come and actually get to know people.
A good tribe indeed.

Wally said...

DaveH: Well next time then. I did get some video of that magazine being consumed. Elmo was dancin' !

libertyman said...

I was there too briefly, but as always thanks to our hosts for the day!

TOTWTYTR said...

It was a great time, as always. I'll have some thoughts up at my place shortly.

doubletrouble said...

Thanks to the 'tribe'!
I couldn't find a better buch of good people on a bet.
All y'all (this IS southern NH) are always welcome.
Thanks for coming & rockin' the place.