Wednesday, August 7, 2013

At Least It Didn't Have A Bullet Button...

Northern Calif. man accused of spray painting face with Raiders colors, fatally stabbing clerk
SAN FRANCISCO – A Northern California man has been charged with randomly stabbing to death a hardware store clerk who objected to his spray painting his face in the black and silver colors of the Oakland Raiders.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle (, Daymond Agnew told investigators that Allah told him to go into the El Sobrante hardware store to help people on Sunday morning.
I've read the story a few times, and I still can't tell if the loonie spray painted his own face, or the clerk's. Not that it matters much, given that he then stabbed the clerk to death.We can argue the fine points of bugnuts crazy, but whether you spray paint your own face, or the face of your victim-to-be, stabbing someone to death over a football team puts you squarely in the camp of the tying-in-back-jacket club. It's time to be heavily sedated and have lithium squirted down your throat with a turkey baster...

We've had two stories in the past two days of people killing other people with weapons other than firearms. Unfortunately, the people they chose to be their victims did not have self-defense tools available either - and both lived in states that severely restrict access to firearms. Coincidence? In yesterday's story, it was a drug addict desperate for a fix that brutally beat an old woman to death. Today we have a nutburger stabbing someone to death because Allah told him to root for the Raiders.

Bad or crazy people are going to do bad/crazy things. Prohibiting good, sane people from owning and carrying firearms isn't going to change that. Believing that putting up a "Gun Free Zone" sign is going to keep bad or crazy people from doing bad or crazy things is nothing more than magical thinking; that irrational people will magically start behaving rationally in the presence of a sign. We all know how well speed limit signs do on the highway, right?

You can keep your magic thinking - I'll stick with my .45, thanks.

That is all.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

What SUCKS is the fact that this Loonie will be shuffled off to some Asylum for the rest of his life, all on the State's Dime, while the Clerk's Family will probably get Squat.