Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Almost On Cue, To Illustrate My Point...

Wow. Just wow. I couldn't have done this if I had planned it... Just saw this story in our local news:

Adam Cassino gets life in prison for beating death
A man who beat a South Boston grandmother to death with a baseball bat was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court.

Adam Cassino, 27, was convicted two weeks ago of killing Barbara Tagen, 65, in her Andrew Square apartment in August 2011. Her family was allowed to read a statement to Judge Garry Inge prior to sentencing.
But wait! Shouldn't she just have fought him? I mean, it's not like he had a gun or anything. If she had a firearm - quite unlikely in MA where we "discourage self-help" - she wouldn't have been able to shoot her attacker according to the brain trust at MAIG. I mean, he had a harmless little baseball bat - how dare she escalate the cycle of violence by using a firearm. Someone could get hurt!

I hate to sound like I am making light of this; it is the furthest thing from my intent. I would MUCH rather be reporting this as a DGC, where the 65 year old woman plugged the 27 year old drug addict looking to murder her for her prescription drugs. Sadly, she was not adequately armed - either by choice from listening to dunces like MAIG or through legislative action by the MA gun laws, we'll never know - and lost her life to someone with just a baseball bat.

Why, it's almost like the tool is irrelevant - where have we heard that before?

That is all.

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Ed said...

And Marky-Mark Wahlberg only had a golf club when he blinded a Vietnamese man:

Too bad the Vietnamese man was not armed. Oh wait! That would have injured a “child”!

Waiting for that police officer to show up can lead to a lot of damage in the interim.

Unfortunately, the Massachusetts Legislature thinks that by regulating tools (firearms) that they are preventing violence. They are deluded.