Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You Don't Need A Gun, The Police Will Protect You...

Except that they are under no obligation to actually, you know, do that. Joseph in IL sends this apocryphal story in.

Police Shoot, Kill Man Who Stabbed Ex-Girlfriend In Gage Park
CHICAGO (CBS) – Police officers shot and killed a man who was stabbing his ex-girlfriend with a butcher knife, outside her home in the Gage Park neighborhood.

CBS 2′s Susanna Song reports the 27-year-old mother of three was stabbed in the left arm by her children’s father, only a few feet away from where Chicago police officers stood waiting on the front steps, thinking she was safe and out of harm’s way.
They observed him kneeling over his ex-girlfriend stabbing her, and when they approached him, he stood up and charged them with the knife. It wasn't until he actually charged the police officers that he was fired upon - apparently him stabbing his ex wasn't enough to get them to fire. He had to actually threaten *them* with the knife before they took action.

Now, I don't know about the rest of y'all, but if a violent ex-boyfriend violating a restraining order and kneeling over her actively stabbing her with a butcher knife isn't enough to get the cops to open fire, nothing is. This is a point we've been trying to make for years. The police are under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to step in to save your life. None. Oftentimes, they will - in fact, I'd bet on it in the vast majority of cases - but when all is said and done, had that violent ex-boyfriend not charged the cops, he may very well have finished her off before they got around to stopping him.

Now, I would assume they were getting ready to taser the suspect or otherwise incapacitate him when he charged them. At least, that's what I hope - then again, this could have been like NYC, where the transit police locked themselves in a subway car rather than stop a man from being attacked. Why is it that these types of stories almost exclusively happen in areas that active prevent their citizens from carrying arms for self-defense?

911 or 1911, the choice is pretty clear which is the faster line of defense...

That is all.


B said...

I think you need to re read the article:

Everyone, the police, the brother and the woman, thought he had left. He drove away and came back through the backyard, where he attacked the woman.

When the cops heard the screaming, they responded quickly.

And he is dead. (yaaay!).

I'm pretty critical of the police, but I don't see how they were in the wrong here.

Jay G said...

I didn't say anything about the police *getting* there.

They didn't shoot the guy when he was on top of her stabbing her. They started shooting when he got up and came towards them.

They waited until *they* were in danger before firing, not when someone else was in danger.

Bubblehead Les. said...

This goes along with that Police Policy where the Cops show Up, then "Secure the Perimeter" and wait for SWAT to handle it.

Like in VA. Tech.