Monday, July 22, 2013

What's The Next Best Thing To A DGC Addition?

Well, it's two wanna-be thugs getting exactly what they deserve, as in this story sent in by commenter Ed:

Police: Men carrying fake gun shot by real one in robbery attempt
LAND O'LAKES — Two would-be robbers were shot Friday night after they burst into a home with a fake gun and, authorities said, met a person inside with a real one.

The two men were in serious condition at the hospital Friday night, and both had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.
You want to act and present yourself as a hardcore killer, don't be surprised when people act accordingly. Not everyone curls up in the fetal position and begs you not to hurt them - some actually shoot back. The story claims the gun was fake - I'm guessing either airsoft or pellet gun - but it doesn't matter. Someone breaks into your home holding what looks like a real weapon, you're putting yourself at a real disadvantage if you're going to take the time to see if it's a BB gun, an airsoft gun, or the real thing. The response should be the same regardless: Defend yourself and your loved ones.

There was a two year old child in the house these two men broke into. Someone visiting the home did the shooting, although that doesn't mean that the homeowners weren't armed, just that their guests were faster. I'm kinda torn on the etiquette here; on the one hand, you have to appreciate a rapid response, but on the other hand, one really should defer to the property owner for first refusal if at all possible. Okay, I'm kidding here, of course - in a situation such as described in the above story the reaction was just about perfect.

One last thing to mention: As has been stated numerous times, all handgun calibers pretty much suck. One of the dudes took multiple .40 S&W rounds to the chest and still survived the encounter. Now, you can certainly argue that the job was done right, given that they ran screaming out of the house and immediately ceased their attack; however I'm guessing from the "fake gun" that these were more wanna-be gangsters than real toughs. If the thugs kicking in the door had been on mind-altering substances (and real firearms), this might have turned out worse.

But it didn't, and the only regret is that we're not adding to the DGC this time...

That is all.


Dave H said...

I agree, having a guest step up first to defend the home is acceptable. Time is of the essence, after all. But the host should have the right of first refusal to loot the bodies afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Oh, great, now I have a mental image of some thugs breaking into the house during the local ladies' Bible study. "Gimmie your purses, now!
*Sound of eight pistols cocking*
"Helen, you go first, since you're hosting this week."
"Thank you, dear, but Mrs. Jones is senior, she should have the first turn." And so on.


Joshua said...

Makes me think of the replica scene from the movie Snatch.

Ed said...

Video to go with the story. It reports that both of the home invaders were masked, hooded and shot multiple times.

If you Google Maps “4400 Land O' Lakes Boulevard, Land O' Lakes, FL” you can see that the properties on Lake Bell also have a six lane divided highway running past them, so this cottage was not isolated. This worked well for the home invaders, as first aid was provided by those who were driving by and stopped.

Angus McThag said...

Why was he using a replica?

Mayor Bloomberg says it's childishly easy for criminals to get real guns!

Ed said...

Q:"Why use a replica?"

A: Some of the locals who are "prohibited" from firearms ownership have discovered that you can purchase a compressed air powered pistol that looks the same to many for far less than a real stolen weapon. The cops will not arrest you for "felon in possession" for one of these pistols, but you will be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon if you attempt to use one in a crime.

No license or permit is required to purchase a firearm or to possess a firearm in your home or automobile in Florida. However, more than one million of Florida's nineteen million residents have a Florida Department of Agriculture issued Concealed Carry of Weapons Permit. Subtract the number of those under the age of 21 and those prohibited by law, then roughly on the order of one out of every ten residents can legally concealed carry a firearm outside of their home or place of business. Open carry is only allowed for fishing, hunting, camping and travel to and from a shooting range (thank you Florida AG Janet Reno who feared the effects of open carry on Florida). Possess a valid fishing license and carry a fishing pole and you are good to open carry, as some have done to demonstrate the silliness in Florida law.

Home invaders count on you not carrying a pistol while sitting on the couch watching television. If you are just visiting, then you would have the pistol on you, ready to react appropriately, as demonstrated in this example. Changing your television habits at home may be in order.