Monday, July 8, 2013

Um... WAT?

Brad_in_MA sends this in. It's so "out there" it is in danger of coming back in on itself and into the realm of "not that bad"...

Fake Alligators Deployed To Scare Away Geese On Cape Cod
PROVINCETOWN (AP) – The Cape Cod National Seashore is trucking in gators to scare away geese.

They’re fake alligator heads that Seashore officials hope are realistic enough to spook the Canada geese who like to frequent a remote section of Blackwater Pond in Provincetown.
Ah, okay, alligators. I thought at first they had gotten crocodile heads, because crocs aren't native to New England, whereas alligators are just all over the place up here... I would hope that a little research was done to see if the geese in question ever come into contact with alligators in their travels, otherwise this is just an exercise in pissing away money.

Then again, when has pissing away money ever bothered a state employee?

That is all.


notDilbert said...

In 2 weeks those geese will realize that the "gators" have not moved, still have bird poop on their heads, and the frogs are using these nice floating islands as home base.

So yes it will work for a while then it will be back to business as usual.

.....but we will never hear that follow up.

Angus McThag said...

Opening up the damn hunting season on Canada's Geese would help too.

Stupid ass migratory bird act doesn't account for populations getting larger than is wise.

skidmark said...

[quote]Seashore plant ecologist Stephen Smith says he hasn’t found any hard scientific data that the decoys work.

But he said at only $30 per fake gator head, he thought it was worth a shot.[/quote]

As long as it's somebody else's money it's always worth a shot.

And other than the fact that the golden club plant exists, is there any reason to spend all this time, effort and money to preserve the last two dozen plants? I mean, wouldn't it be better to clone back the dodo or the passenger pigeon - both of which had economic value?

stay safe.

WV = erdazi (Erf Nazi). Why are tyhose things so often so ironically approriate?

Joe Allen said...

State employees are very sensitive to, as you call it, "pissing away" funds!

Every cent "pissed away" is one they can't embezzle...

Also, I have high hopes for this project. If it works on Independence, MO police it should work on some stupid birds:

Joe Allen said...
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Armed Texan said...

Expand hunting season on these pests. Since this is MA and we have to be concerned with liberal feeeeeelings, we could require that the resulting meat go to homeless shelters.

Brad_in_MA said...


I'm glad you posted this but am a bit surprised you didn't post the article from Westchester, NY. That's the one where some nimrod mayor wants to inject their local deer population with birth control hormones to prevent them from breeding. The real kicker was that two years after being injected, the deer would have to be injected again -- yeah -- like they're going to come waltzing into the local OB/GYN office for the hormone shots.

With apologies in advance to normal-thinking people in The Empire State, the stupid burns brightly in Westchester.

Joe Allen said...

Well, that's simple, Brad. When it comes time for the follow up shot, just put up a Deer Crossing sign near the vet's office and stick 'em as they come by.

Christina LMT said...

Don't forget where most Canada geese spend their winters. I'm sure they do have to deal with gators down south and view them as predators. Now does that mean the fake gators will be effective? No clue.

Stretch said...

The Canadian Goose problem in Northern Virginia was quite severe some years ago. Two things curbed their population.
1) growing coyote population.
2) growing Hispanic population.
Neither of the newer immigrant populations has any problem with pouncing on or snaring geese.
Now if we can just do something about those damned hoofed forest rats ...

Ed said...

If it is Cape Cod National Seashore, wouldn't they be Federal employees, not Commonwealth of Massachusetts employees?

Reducing the Canadian Geese population is real easy, but unpalatable to many. Overpopulation without effective predation leading to boom or bust cycles is typical. Besides, as the plants get depleted, the geese will feed on other plants and move on. Eventually, other factors will introduce themselves:

Yes, I know the difference between Cape Ann and Cape Cod, but I thought the author wrote well on population biology issue.

Murphy7 said...

If there was even an outside chance the piping plovers would scram along with the geese, I'd be down with it.