Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time To Get Cracka-in'...

We'll be discussing the Zimmerman verdict and the aftermath on tonight's Squirrel Report.

With the Obama administration doing its level best to turn this entire incident into a race war, between sending DOJ agents to Florida to help arrange protests to Eric Holder puzzlingly blaming this on "Stand Your Ground", as well as the tacit admission that "cracker" is perfectly legitmate while "nigger" is not (and no, I won't call it the "n-word". Ignoring it doesn't make it go away). Racism is racism no matter who it's coming from.

We haven't decided on a call-in question yet, but stay tuned. We'll come up with something. The number, for those who want to call in regardless, is 214-530-0036. Give us a shout with your impressions on the case and what it means for the state of race and racism in America today. Personally, I find our black Attorney General calling America 'racist' on behalf of the black President rather amusing, in a train wreck sort of way. It's really hard to claim "The Man" is keeping you down when you are The Man...

In any case, join us on The Squirrel Report tonight for what's certain to be a lively exchange of ideas.

That is all.

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