Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thirty Second Northeast Bloggershoot Update...

Talked with Mopar yesterday, and he reminded me that the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot is a little over two weeks away. Yikes! He was asking about where (and when) we were planning the dinner, and where he should look into lodging, so I figured we might want to nail that down now so out of town folks can make reservations and such.

I think last year folks had pretty good luck finding decent rooms at reasonable rates in Nashua, NH. It's the closest big(ish) city in NH to the sooper seekrit range - about 20-25 miles away - and there are plenty of decent hotels and restaurants there. I'd recommend folks look there for lodging, and once we have a consensus on where folks are staying, we can pick a restaurant for dinner.

In that vein, I think the dinner (the big dinner) should be Saturday night, perhaps on the later side (like 8 ish). We typically wrap things up at the range around 5 PM, so that will give folks time to get back to their rooms, freshen up, secure ordnance, etc. before hitting dinner. It also gives time for the Saturday night rush to start dying down at the local restaurants...

Let's get the location settled, then we'll pick somewhere to nosh...

In other blogshoot news, it's about time to play the annual "so, what are you bringing" game. Every year I swear up and down that I'm going to travel light, and every year I wind up bringing a crap ton of guns that don't get shot. I really am going to try to keep it light(ish) this year, though. I've promised Brad_in_MA that I'd bring a handful of, well, handful guns - small compact pistols such as one would use for concealed carry. I think I'll also bring my Rossi 92 (that's a fun gun) and the Kel-Tec SUB2000 (ditto); I might bring the Bushmaster with new pieces parts because it's already dirty.

What's everyone else thinking of bringing/want to shoot?

That is all.


Dave H said...

I'm booked in the Motel 6 South in Nashua. (It had fewer complaints than the other one that's closer to the middle of town.) I'm used to driving though, so anywhere you want to meet for dinner is good with me. (Long as it's not in MA. I'm not keen on leaving my hardware in the hotel.)

I definitely want a turn at that Rossi 92. I've got the start of a lever gun collection and a Rossi will probably be my next one.

I'll bring my carry pistols (P238, LC9, and MP40c) with holsters if Brad or anyone else wants to try them out. I'll also bring the Ruger Blackhawk, Marlin 1895, and Savage 99 takedown lever gun.

I think I'm going to bring my AK-47, PSL, and Hi-Point 9mm carbine "assault rifles" too. Give them a chance to be shot in a state where they're welcome. (I'm still waffling over whether to register them. I think I'd rather give them away than give in to NY politics.)

Hmmm. I might need a couple more rifle cases.

Will the Snubbie From Hell be there? I'd like to see the legend in person.

Jay G said...

I can bring the Snubbie from Hell. Doesn't take up much space, and it's light enough...

Glenn B said...

Brendan and I are hoping to come again this year, it was really great last year. It may be difficult for him since he is working on a new job but he will try to get off for this.

As for having the dinner on Saturday night, after the shoot, we would probably have to miss it. We will be coming up on Friday afternoon or evening, staying overnight in Nashua, attending the shoot on Saturday and leaving to head home right after the shoot because he will have to work the next day.

Of course, if we can make the dinner we will make it. You deciding on a restaurant will be key to us looking for a hotel. Last year, we stayed in Manchester because that was much closer to the restaurant than was Nashua.

As for what we would bring along, that is a tough one. I suppose some Mosin Nagants - 91/30 and M44, my Remington R1 1911, Glock 26, Ruger MKII, an AK or two and an AR. Maybe a 12 gauge and a 22 rifle or one make or another. Oh and the Marlin in 22 WMR.
Thanks for putting it together again.

All the best,
Glenn B

Bubblehead Les. said...

I've booked the Extended Stay America in Nashua for Friday and Saturday Nights. So the idea of the Big Dinner on Saturday Night is fine with me. But if there are any more early arrivals, we could do a Pre-Blogshoot Blogmeet Friday also. So if you want to delegate a Friday Night get together, just give my contact info to the Early Birds and we'll put something together in Nashua. Gotta eat anyway, right?

As for Toys, yes the 6.5 Swede, the 7.62 NATO Mauser w/Bayonet, a NEW SURPRISE PISTOL in 9MM, and some odds and ends like a pre-Ban AR Lower for Wally to look at. I'd like to shoot a SKS if at all possible (Nudge!Nudge!Wink!Wink!). And probably a Can or Two of Blasting-Grade Ammo for those who need to restock. BTW, don't forget to bring YOUR excess .40 S+W. We're running a little low out here, and a Deal could be made.

That's it for now.

Wally said...

A late dinner may not work for us, we need to get back home that night. Not sure on that one yet. Regardless -

We'll be travelling sort of light this year. Nothing crew served nor watercooled... And I'll try to not duplicate anything listed above. Will have some CCW type handguns for Brad's request (midsize Glock, Sig 239 perhaps).

I can guarantee bringing at least one machine gun in 223 - so BYOA if you'd like to give it a whirl.

And if anyone needs 30rd AR mags, please let me know - I'm swimming in them. Stainless, Aluminum, Pmags...

Brad_in_MA said...

Good morning, one and all.

What I'm bringing:
* Ruger Mark III 22/45 pistol
* Marlin 60 rifle w/ spee-d-loader
* Mosin Nagant M44 carbine
* Winchester 1894, pre-1964 edition
- ammo for all of the above
* some Giant "Zombie Rat" targets

What I'd like to shoot:
* AK or SKS
- I have lots of brass 7.62x39
* Any AR-15 pattern
- especially Delicate Flower
* Pocket 9mm like Ruger SR9c
-- or similar
* Tokarev TT33 - any variant
* Walther P38 - any variant
* Polish P64 in 9x18 Makarov
-- or similar

Dave H. - Your high point 9mm is on my short list. A while back I shot a mag through a high point 40 and it was a blast. Note that Jay's snubbie from hell is evil incarnate - almost as painful to the shooter as the target.

Glenn - if you are able to attend, I'd like to try a side-by-side of the Mark II vs. my Mark III.

That's all that comes to mind for now. I'll post again if I think of something else.

Andi, I'm bringing LOTS of fodder for the M44 carbine -- LOTS.

- Brad

Wally said...

Will have at least one AR in 223, and probably a second swanky AR SBR in 300BLK.

Jay G said...

Brad, I'll be bringing a Ruger SR9c for you to try as well as a S&W M&P 9C and a Sig Sauer P250 sub-compact in .45 ACP.

I will also be bringing my Bushmaster with Counterstrike red/green dot sight. It's already dirty, so why not?

Dave H said...

Brad: I'll bring my P-64. Say what you want about Poland, they make good guns. I used mine at an NRA basic pistol course and my final target of the day was three rounds, all holes touching. (Granted it was at about 4 yards, but I'm hardly an expert. That P-64 does its part if you'll do yours.)

Jay: Forgot to mention that I'm staying Friday and Saturday nights and leaving Sunday morning, so I can make events at either or both evenings.

Glenn B said...

Excess .40 S&W will be brought along if we can make it and I am pretty sure at least one of us (me) will be there.

Brad_in_MA said...

I have me some .223 civvie ammo, brass cased of course, and fully plan on a mag or 2 of full auto rock-n-roll w/ your hardware.
(insert evil grin)

Dave, thanks on the P64. A c&r ticket is on my short list.

Jay, thanks on the 9mm compacts.

Les, would the Nato mauser by chance be an Israeli Mauser? An Israeli Mauser is one of my grail guns.

doubletrouble said...

It's been 32 years, already?

Mopar said...

Nashua or Manchvegas is fine with us, just decide dinner and we'll book whichever city is closer.
Les, Jay and I did talk about a pre-dinner as well. Keep in mind our usual place lately (KC's Ribshack) is only open until like 9pm. We havent decided if we're coming up friday night or saturday morning, there are pros and cons to each, but I would guess if we come up Friday it will be at least 8:30-9pm by the time we get up there. As for what to bring, I'm with Jay, I pack lighter and lighter each year. Only thing I can think of that has already been requested is Cher's 10g double barrel blackpowder shotgun.

Glenn B said...

Just a possible place for dinner:

I know nothing about it except they have an impressive beer and ale list. I am still hoping we will be able to make it to the dinner.

Weer'd Beard said...

Brad, you can shoot the bejezus out of my SKS, and save your ammo for when you get your own!

I'm also getting a new addition sometime really soon!

Brad_in_MA said...


Thanks for the SKS offer. Watch your email for more on the subject.

JD said...


Any of those 30rd AR mags MA compliant (SPIT). . .

JD said...

Not sure what I am bringing yet but will at least have my M&P 9, 10-22, Ruger SR22 and maybe the black powder. . not sure what else yet.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I will be swinging by on my way to Montreal, bringing anything or staying into the evening isn't going to happen. But I would be interested in seeing some of the smaller handguns.
In any case, thanks again for the invite!

Anonymous said...

I thought the shoot was in MA. I am relatively new hear but I live in Charlestown.far but a nice ride to Naseau and Manchvegas. Have access and ammo for an SKS tapco stock. A Ruger LCP and my own Marlin Papoose and SA X9D. Not to mention a badass Mossberg 590. Can I go please?

Andie said...

Brad, you ROCK and look forward to a lot of fun--thank you!

Jay, thanks for the update and details--look forward to seeing you then.

doubletrouble, thanks for hosting!

It's gonna be a good time... :)

Mopar said...

Well, it looks like we may be heading up early Friday since it looks like Cher has a meeting in the general area on Friday. Les, hopefully we'll be joining you for dinner! Still havent seen much discussion on the "official" dinner, and I'm afraid I'm not as familiar with Nashua as I am Manchester so I cant offer a suggestion other that it needs to be able to handle a large group on a Saturday night, doesnt close too early, and isn't so loud we can't talk.

Brad_in_MA said...

You might want to consider Martha's Exchange on Main ST in Nashua for a dinner. Good food & brews too, made on the premises in their own equipment.

British Beer Co. is great for malted & hopped adult libations, only so-so for food.


Mopar said...

According to the archive of Martha's Exchange's defunt website they have/had "have live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night! Dance the night away to the music of DJ Miso and Brian Lemire, who play a eclectic selection of all of the music you know and love!"
Dunno why the website is gone, but that's usually not a good sign either.

Alan Quinn said...

I'll be bringing a Jungle Carbine, Model 41 (so Jay can relive his youth) and a surprise something I'm working on. The surprise may be a show and tell rather than a shoot and tell, but at the very least it will be a conversation piece.

Not sure what I want to shoot yet, but all of the above sounds wonderful.

Cheers, Alan

Dave H said...

Is anyone interested in shooting an M1 Garand? I'll bring mine if so.

Also, what is access to the range like? Will we be able to drive up and unload? Or will we have to portage in? My pick list is getting long (and heavy).

One more thing - I'll bring Old Glory and a pole to fly her from unless someone else already covers that necessity. (I will -not- attempt to solo the Star Spangled Banner however.)

Brad_in_MA said...

Dave H.,
Tis only a short walk into the range area.

Oh, yes puh-LEEEEEEEEEZ bring The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised.

I'm sworn to secrecy re: Alan's surprise. It is a home build of sorts, but a LOT bigger & more complex than an 80% AR lower receiver based build. In fact, his project is a real Magpie Killer. Yeah, there's a back story.


Wandering Neurons said...

Still deciding on what to bring:
Certainly the Steyr AUG-clone (.223)
Probably the L1A1 (in G-d's own calibre - .308)
Probably the ARX-160 (.22LR)
Certainly the Kel-Tec .9mm
Certainly one of my .45s, maybe a .40

Are scatterguns permissible?

Bigger problem: The ZERT truck is down, the transmission died right after the Nancy's Birthday-Shoot. May or may not be fixed in time. DAMN!

Mopar said...

scatterguns are certainly allowed!
Dave, your Garand reminded me of something else I think Jay asked me to bring. My 30-06 handcannon :)

Brad_in_MA said...

Just on name alone, I have to try out this .30-06 hand cannon. FWIW, I have shot the s&w .500 magnum w/ "nuclear" hand loads.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Hi everyone! Busy the last couple of days. BTW, the Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull Fame) Show last night in Cleveland was AWESOME! I'm up for ANYTHING for Dinner Friday Night that involves Hot Food, Cold Beverages and not a Long Line/Wait to get into. One of the Nationwide Chains is fine by me. Sitting in a Hotel Room eating Taco Bell is BOOOOORING!

Wandering, I have something for you and one of your Weapons.

Dave H, you live in Ohio, right? Wanna Carpool? Ask Jay for my Contact Info and let's connect.

Mopar, my Hungarian Cousin, PLEASE bring my Favorite 1911!

Brad, no, it's a Chilean made by Steyer a Hundred Years ago converted to 7.62 NATO in 1961. And yes, I have Ammo to feed it, and a Bayonet to "End the Show" Properly!

Finally, Jay. Feel free to give any Attendee my eMail, so we can co-oordinate Friday Night off-line. I PROMISE that no one will get Too Drunk on Friday Night to be MIA Saturday Morning!

Glenn B said...

Hey Les,

Have you tried They have a lot of .40S&W for sale, see:


Glenn B said...

Right now, it appears as if Brendan cannot make it with me on this trip. His boss will not let him take off.

So, I can make the dinner on whichever night you choose. I will come up Friday night and depart Sunday morning. I am going to change my hotel reservation now.

ZerCool said...

Brad: The Delicate Flower will not be attending, as I removed it from NY when I moved to MO.

Wally said...

JD: I have 30 rd mags that are post 1994 but meet the MA ban rules.

Because the law was *so* well written, you see...

Brad_in_MA said...

Good to hear Delicate Flower has a good home in Free America.

I for one would be very interested in hearing about well written MA laws. That said, for all that is good and holy, do NOT post the info here. It is quite plausible that minions from the MA Attorney General's office trolls Jay's blog. If Jay is magnanimous enough to pass my email to you, I'd love to hear the details. If Jay forgets or is too busy, I can wait until we gather at the Sooper-Sekret compound

Les, Chilean or otherwise, all Mausers are Da Bomb.


Dave H said...

Les: I live near Rochester NY now. (Buckeye born and raised however. What was I thinking? Oh, I remember. SWMBO wanted to live someplace different, and if Mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. So here I am.)

Thanks for the offer to carpool, but I think I'd like to have my own vehicle with me on this trip. Plus I think you mentioned driving across PA to limit your exposure to NY's latest insanity. Coming through Rachacha* would be a long way out of your way.

* Rachacha is an old Seneca Indan words that means, roughly, "thank the Great Spirit it's not Buffalo."

Mopar said...

OK, we're booked in the same place as Cousin Les. King size suite with kitchen, so it looks like we probably have enough room if a few people wanted to have a few after dinner drinks or something.

Mopar said...

Hey, since these suites have kitchens, maybe Cousin Les will cook up some plum dumplings.

Wandering Neurons said...

I'm booked in the Extended Stay Nashua as well.
Friday pre-dinner is a MUST.
The ZERT will not make an appearance, the transmission is not fixed yet. Sigh. But will make an appearance in Manassas at the Tank Farm several weeks later. (see OLD NFO)
Les, whatever you have for me must be able to fit into a MINI Cooper!

Wandering Neurons said...

Oh, what time in the lobby Friday evening for pre-dinner?