Monday, July 15, 2013

Things I Learned While Camping With TheBoy...

So, this past weekend I headed north to a NH State park for the weekend with my son. He had been agitating for a "guy's weekend" camping, with the thought of inviting one of his friends and his friend's dad to come camping with us for the weekend. The dads could chat, the boys could play football, ride bikes, chase girls (not quite yet), and just enjoy The Great Outdoors™ in general. As luck would have it, both sets of friends that he had in mind to invite had plans for the one weekend we had free this month, so it was he and I against The Great Outdoors™.

And you know what? That suits me just fine.

Friday we left pretty much as soon as he got out of summer camp. We'd spent the earlier part of the week planning and packing, and had pretty much everything nailed down. We had four meals (dinner Friday, B/L/D Saturday, and breakfast Sunday was a stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home) all planned; we had entertainment (mountain bikes for trails, a football for tossing. and a deck of cards); and we had shelter - at the last minute, I grabbed our EZ-Up canopy because they had been predicting rain.

As it turns out, the canopy wasn't needed; even the minimal amount of rain forecast never materialized. Instead, we had two beautiful nights and one beautiful day in which to enjoy the great outdoors. We learned a few lessons this weekend:
  • We can teach each other card games - he taught me "Trash", I taught him Rummy.
  • Ol' Dad can still throw a pretty mean football.
  • Kayaking is pretty darn strenuous work.
  • Yes, using propane-powered Coleman lantern and stove is cheating, but it sure is easier!
  • When you're two guys out in the woods, 2AM bathroom calls are pretty easy.
  • Tents hold in farts remarkably well.
  • The cap on the Dodge was a stroke of genius.
  • Two humans of the male persuasion create a LOT of gas.
  • My son is growing up, but he's not so old that he can't still say "I love you Dad".

Hearing that and "best weekend ever" were pretty much the highlight of my month...

That is all.


wizardpc said...

My boy is approaching 18 months. I look forward to moments like this.

Jeff B said...

Awesome stuff.

My girls can't wait to go camping again. Maybe that's because they think it will include white water rafting, too.

Alan Quinn said...

Jay, I go camping with another dad and son every Menorial Day weekend. This year was #5 and as always it was a blast. I love spending time with GMan and I would not give up this time for all the CCI Standard Volicity ammo in the world.....those who know me know that's a big deal! Anyhow, if you want you can read all about it starting here.

Stretch said...

That's pure Hallmark that is.

David W. said...

I remember camping with my dad.

It's how I learned why my mother demanded the master bedrooms windows to be open all year long, even during winter.

Anonymous said...

THIS is just what I needed today, after weeks and weeks of the Zim...
You know what? I'm not even going to mention it. Glad you two had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Fatherhood: You're doing it right.