Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The New Black?

My latest article is posted at Shooting Illustrated:

Is Gray the New Black?

This was a fun article to write, as it covered something I've long noticed. The firearms and related accessories industry is hardly immune to trends and fashion, and it's quite interesting to follow what's the new hotness. In the 1990s, black was where it was at - all the SWAT teams had their ninja on, with the all-black uniforms and such. Then we had Desert Storm, and Coyote Tan was the next big thing. Olive drab has been a perennial favorite, and let's not forget Flat Dark Earth.

It used to be that anything "tactical" was available in any color, as long as you wanted black or khaki. Now it's hard to tell the pages of 5.11 from LL Bean with all the different colors and options available. This trend is pretty evenly spread through firearms accessories, tactical clothing, and other related gear. The only thing that I really didn't touch on was the whole "zombie" craze, because that's not so much a "trend" as a "fad", and we've got fads by the score.

So check it out, please - I thought it was a pretty good recap of the current state of the state.

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Grey has always been the color of choice for those truly in the know. It disappears in light shadow, and is actually less visible at night than black (which actually does stand out unless there is zero light). Nicely done Jay!

Anonymous said...

+1 NFO

Become the grey man!


Anonymous said...

Gray man. I can't spell at gun point.