Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stupid People Doing Stupid Things...

Here's a series of stories about, just like the title says, stupid people proving the adage that you can't fix stupid...

Florida man rearrested after punching deputy in jail lobby
FORT MYERS, Fla. – A man being released from a southwest Florida jail was rearrested after authorities say he punched the deputy who was releasing him.

Fort Myers police report that 28-year-old Lanorris Kentrell Bland was one of several inmates being released from the Lee County Jail Tuesday when he struck the deputy three times in the back.
He was classified as a "high-risk" inmate. YA THINK??? Yet, please note - he was being released. Assaulting a deputy IN THE LOBBY OF THE JAIL YOU'VE JUST BEEN RELEASED FROM? That's an entirely new level of stupid right there.

San Diego mayor accused of sexual harassment
A prominent onetime supporter of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner urged him to resign Wednesday less than a year after taking office amid allegations that he sexually harassed women.

Radio and television station KPBS obtained a letter to Filner from former Councilwoman Donna Frye that said she recently received "credible evidence" that the mayor harassed more than one woman. She asked that the City Council schedule a special election to replace him.
That would be DEMOCRATIC Mayor Bob Filner, folks. Just in case you wondered about the political affiliation of the Mayor of San Diego, that is. What the hell is it with these people? They cast the Republicans as the party waging a "war on women", yet persist in treating women like toys and objects. More than twenty years after Bill Clinton and Democratic politicians are still treating women like objects for their own gratification, and the GOP still gets painted as the anti-woman party.

Because they're Stupid.

New York woman reportedly tells gunman he doesn’t have the nerve to shoot her
The wife of a famous Russian sculptor who was held up at gunpoint last week outside her posh New York City apartment reportedly told the gunman he didn’t have it in him to pull the trigger.

"I said, 'It's not easy to shoot someone. You have to have b---s to do that. And you have none,'" Anna Graham recalled telling the gunman on July 3 in Manhattan, the Daily News reports. The gunman’s accomplice urged him to "shoot, shoot, shoot," she told the paper.
Now, as it turns out, she was right and he didn't in fact have the nerve to shoot her. However, that's certainly not the way to bet your life - many folks have died after telling their prospective assailant that "you don't have the guts to pull the trigger"...

There are more stupid stories, but I think I've had my fill...

That is all.


Sigivald said...

Some people have very poor impulse control.

Some people have violent tendencies.

When the two overlap, as in #1 up there, well... someone ends up spending most of their life in jail.

PMain said...

You forgot to mention Filner's a member of MAIG, makes it even more fitting. In addition his Chief of Staff, Director of Communications, all of his schedulers (all female) & fiancee have left him or his administration. He's not even a year into his term. Fun times in SD

Old NFO said...

Russians, Men AND WOMEN have bigger balls than 99% of Americans... They act, rather than react. Just sayin...

Matthew said...

A model was shot by a mugger in NYC just last year after daring him to shoot her.

Not a high percentage play.