Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sometimes, I Get Tired of Being Right

Remember this story? A 24 year old woman brutally murdered in Boston (stabbed to death, so yay gun control works!), and I said,
I'll bet good money that the person who killed her is known to police; most likely has a rap sheet longer than they are tall; and has received a series of slaps on the wrist up until this point.

I hate being right. I really do. Fresh off the BLNN comes this story.

Boston police 'confident' in probe of 24-year-old's murder
Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says a suspect arrested in connection with two other attacks on women in South Boston this week is a "person of interest" in the abduction and fatal stabbing of a 24-year-old woman.

Davis told reporters Friday that no arrests have been made in the killing of Wilbraham native Amy Lord, but said investigators are examining DNA and other evidence and are "confident and comfortable" they are on the right track.

And the person of interest in this story? Oh, this gets so much better. This may be my new gold standard for the "MA Miracle"...
Edwin Alemany -- who Davis said has a lengthy criminal record -- faces charges of stabbing one woman and punching another in separate incidents. He's currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.
Davis also announced an internal review into a police detectives failure to arrest 28-year-old Alemany in connection to a Sept. 2012 assault, reported.
On Sept. 28, 2012, a woman was attacked and strangled on Parker Hill Avenue. The woman reportedly fought back and was able to get a hold of Alemany's wallet and identification, reported.

Yep. He attacked and tried to kill a woman who, during the attack, got his wallet from him, and yet the Boston PD was unable to even arrest him. Not that he was tried and found not guilty, but that they couldn't even arrest him. Now, silly me, she had his identification, so why not, oh, I don't know, pick him up and see if the victim identifies him?

Just wait. It gets better... From another article on this same story:
"It's incredibly frustrating that we're here today talking about a man that has 18 juvenile arraignments and 34 adult arraignments and is still not incarcerated," said Davis.
The man is 28 years old. He has been an adult for 10 years and has 34 arraignments? Nearly three and a half arraingnments a year and he's still out on the streets? Well, for now. Assuming the Boston PD does have a case against him and he is arrested (this time), he *might* actually see some jail time - you see, he's crossed that "kill someone" threshold. Now, this being Massachusetts, I suspect he'll be out of jail before the decade is out.

Tell me, again, that guns are the problem. Explain to me how keeping me from owning a magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds or a rifle with a folding stock is going to stop career criminals who are never punished from stabbing young women to death. We don't have a gun problem. Goddammit, that pisses me the hell off. We have a crime problem. We have a criminal problem. We have a frelling justice system problem when someone can be arrested nearly three dozen times in a decade and still be out on the street.

The problem isn't "large capacity bullet hoses" or "semi-automatic machine guns" or "shoulder thing[s] that go up". The problem is a growing culture of thugs that repeatedly break the law and are either insufficiently punished or simply not punished, and grow ever bolder in their crimes. Again and again the Massachusetts justice system had the chance to send this young man a message, and again and again they failed. The all-too-predictable end result is that he felt like the world owed him something, and for a reason known only to him, he took a young woman's life for no reason other than he felt like it.

For a decade he has preyed on the people of Boston with impunity; when he's actually been arrested he hasn't served any appreciable time. As his crimes grew more violent, he apparently wasn't even arrested - what kind of message does this send? Yet, right now, there are town hall style debates going on throughout Massachusetts about increasing the already-draconian gun laws here; from outlawing all semi-automatic rifles to reducing allowed magazine capacity to 7 like New York and other similar proposals. 

They won't put vicious career thugs like the monster that murdered that poor woman in jail, but they want to arrest me for having a 20-round AR-15 magazine. Where is there anything even remotely resembling "justice" there? The problem isn't that the tools being used are too advanced. The problem is that there is absolutely no incentive for the criminally violent out there to just pick something up and use it to hurt others. 
Another "Assault Weapon ban" wouldn't have saved that young woman - but arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating this animal certainly would have.

That is all.


Chris said...

Jay, I feel the same pain. As you may remember, I live in Maryland, just outside Baltimore, where the same injustice system prevails. My wife works in the Federal courthouse downtown, and there are muggings, in broad daylight, on the sidewalks around the building! Gangs of teens are making some areas off-limits to both locals and tourists, 24/7. It's appalling.

And since I am kicking the city for major failures, I might as well disrespect them for minor ones. A few weeks ago, there was a convention of public (government) school principals at the Convention Center across the street from the courthouse. And they strung up a banner that read: Welcome Principles. It was hastily replaced when people began calling about the screw-up. One of the slogans a previous mayor used to try to distract people from the failures of Baltimore was to call it, "The City that Reads". As many a wag commented, it's really "The City that Bleeds".

Old NFO said...

Three years and time off for good behavior??? Or released early due to overcrowding? Take your choice!

Dave H said...

If Alemany is undergoing psych eval, if he's convicted he'll probably end up in treatment rather than prison, and then released back to the wild after he's "cured."

I'm not sure curing is such a good idea. I think that piece of meat would be better smoked.

ASM826 said...

When is it over? What does it take for someone to see that Massachusetts is lost and head for a state where some freedom remains?

AuricTech said...

Again and again the Massachusetts justice system had the chance to send this young man a message, and again and again they failed.

Actually, they succeeded in sending this young man a message. Unfortunately for civilization, that message was that his predations would be tolerated indefinitely. Meanwhile, the ongoing push to disarm law-abiding citizens sends the message that a citizen defending himself from this young man's predations is intolerable.

As best I can tell, these two messages are being intentionally sent by The Powers What Is, with the goal of transforming citizens into subjects.

Bubblehead Les. said...

It's my understanding that a Boston PD Detective is under investigation for "allowing" this POS to keep roaming the Streets.

Hopefully, the Cops will get the "Message" and DO THEIR JOBS!

But I doubt it.

Stretch said...

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Seriously, there's a very clear difference between a "justice system" and a "legal system."

notDilbert said...

From what I heard, the goblin cut his hand during the attack, so he went to the SAME ER as one of his victims and they only managed to arrest him because she kept screaming --- THAT'S HIM!!!! ---- HE's THE ONE THAT ATTACKED ME!!!!!!

.... other wise he would still be out on the streets.

Daniel in Brookline said...


In other words, his arrest was one fine piece of police work...

You know, it would be A Good Thing if a local police department could just come clean on what they will do, and what they won't do. It would be good to have it understood, once and for all, that they are NOT LEGALLY OR MORALLY OBLIGATED TO PROTECT YOU, and that you can't sue them for failing to protect you, even if you can prove gross negligence.

(This won't happen, of course, unless a police chief thinks it's a good idea, and is willing to completely ignore the politics. When hell freezes over, in short.)