Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot, Update!

Well, it's about halfway between my first post and the event, so I figured I'd toss up a quick update to remind folks that the date is rapidly approaching for the SIXTH Annual Northeast

As we've all come to love and expect, the standard format:

What? Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot

Who? Any and all bloggers, commenters, readers, lurkers, etc. in the Northeast area, or those passing through, or anyone crazy enough to show up.

When? Saturday, August 3rd. We will commence with the shootie goodness at 10:00 AM Eastern time and finish when Doubletrouble kicks us out.

Where? Why, Doubletrouble's sooper seekrit range, of course!

Why? Shootin' stuff is fun? Trying out new hardware is fun? Getting together with a couple dozen of your tribe, combined with guns and reactive targets, is a recipe for a good time?

And, the standard caveat:

As with every year, this is a "pack-in, pack-out" shoot - if you want to bring a life-size replica of the Eiffel Tower to shoot the hell out of, go right ahead. Just be prepared to drag the bullet-riddled carcass out with you. We can call the sub shop for lunch, but someone should step up to take care of the lunch order so Mrs. Doubletrouble doesn't have to deal with that again...

Attendees (known and suspected):

Bubblehead Les
Dave H.
Wally & A.
Mopar and Cher
Heath and A.
Wandering Neurons
Old Windways

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

That is all.


Alan Quinn said...

count me in....cheers, alan

Dave H said...

My vacation's been approved so I'm one step closer. Driving past Albany without picking up an indecent exposure charge will be the hard part.

Old NFO said...


libertyman said...

I should be there, and with a guest if possible.

Ross said...

I might come down from Vermont... especially if I have any new toys.