Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Perfect Dovetail...

Going hand-in-hand with my DGC addition earlier today is this story I got from the NRA:

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson is proud to present the latest New Energy profile sponsored by Remington Arms Company on Vicki Kawelmacher. After her daughter was nearly abducted, Vicki opened The Women's Shooting Academy to “educate, encourage and empower” women. The firearms instructor strongly believes every woman is responsible for her own personal safety, and offers free classes to any woman with a signed protective order.
You have GOT to see this video:

Imagine that. She had a frightening experience happen - her daughter was nearly abducted. Rather than campaign against vans, or some other pointless effort, she started a school to teach women how to shoot. Her rationale - that the state can't/won't protect you - is the first, last, and best reason for arming one's self with the best tools for defense. You are your first responder. The odds of the police getting there in time to thwart an attack or abduction are low. The odds of you being there are pretty much 100%.

Why not stack the deck in your favor with the best tools possible?

That is all.

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