Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Okay, Who DIDN'T See This Coming?

I mean, REALLY.

White House delays key element of health care law
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's health care law, hailed as his most significant legislative achievement, seems to be losing much of its sweep.
On Tuesday, the administration unexpectedly announced a one-year delay, until after the 2014 elections, in a central requirement of the law that medium and large companies provide coverage for their workers or face fines.
Until after the 2014 elections. Gee. Let me get my shocked face out. The White House is claiming that they are trying to simplify reporting requirements. If you believe that, I have some prime beachfront property in Utah to sell you. No, they read the writing on the wall, with many companies already electing to lay off employees or simply cut the hours of existing workers to comply with the new regulations. If they push full steam ahead on implementation by 2014, there will be a bunch of people with reduced hours or in the unemployment lines all because of ObamaCare.

Now, if the GOP wasn't the Stupid Party, they could turn this against the Democrats REALLY easily - I would take their announcement of the delay of reporting requirements and turn it into a slick 30 second commercial: Why, if ObamaCare was so fantastic, did they have to delay implementation until after the election? If this is such a great and needed program, why wait to get it in place? They've already had, what, two years to get ready for the data reporting, right?

But they are the Stupid Party for a reason, and I expect them to fumble this like they have pretty much everything else...

That is all.


Wally said...

You know what, I didn't see it coming. I should have.

Aside from the egregious impacts of this law, it is equally if not even more horrible to keep changing the rules.

Government can't do squat to actually grow the economy, that's all on the side of businesses. And business (duh) like to do things to make money and leave them in a strong position to grow. Having a climate of government making absurd laws - and then demonstrating time and time again that those laws don't even have persistence. Rules KEEP changing, and businesses are very hesitant to pony up into something today that may be counterproductive tomorrow.

I have seen this firsthand, in my prior industry - as a medical device manufacturer. We had open contracts, signed and sealed - and .gov mandates an additional tax on the product. Which due to their asshattery, resulted in the tax to be greater than the gross- making each and every part a cost loss. There was a lot of hurry-up-and-ship before the implementation date.

And my customers are still upside down, many suppliers (myself included) aren't touching anything in the industry. The potential exposure of getting taxes charged that exceed income...

But to keep changing the rules ? That's every bit as absurd. Nobody wants to plan long term when .gov keeps pulling the rug out, or pulling the wool over, or pulling the other leg (as the bells are quite pleasing)

Jay G said...

You know, that's an awesome point.

It's analogous to the smoking regulations put into place in many cities and towns in the 1990s. I'll use Boston as an example.

When the tobacco lawsuits first got started, businesses (restaurants and bars) were told that they had to have a separate "smoking area". When they obeyed the law and created an area where people could smoke, this was called a "loophole" and then businesses were required to create a separate area with its own air handling, etc. for smokers.

Some businesses actually underwent the expense of installing this equipment, some to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And then the city of Boston yanked the rug out from under them and declared all indoor smoking (in bars and restaurants) illegal.

So you had these businesses that spent a rather sizable chunk of money on renovations that were absolutely SOL - within a span of months, if my memory serves; it certainly wasn't more than a year or two.

How much you want to bet the companies that installed the ventilation systems were either owned by or donated heavily to the politicians who passed the laws?

Dave H said...

Wally makes sense, which is no surprise. Anybody who listens to the stock market report on the TV or radio knows that any change in government rules or policy causes a panic selloff. Heck, just talking about it is worth a 300 point drop in the DJIA.

notDilbert said...

But the individual mandate is still in place. Anybody NOT covered by an approved plan will pay a fine. But that fine happens as part of their 2014 Tax return so that Time Bomb also happens AFTER the Midterm election cycle so there was no need to change or delay that part.