Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, This Is Grand...

Obama: Washington took its eye off economic ball
GALESBURG, Ill. — President Barack Obama said Wednesday that Washington has "taken its eye off the ball" as he pledged a stronger second-term commitment to tackling the economic woes that strain many in the middle class nearly five years after the country plunged into a recession.
Obama returned to the college campus where he gave his first major economic address as a U.S. senator, and he chided Congress for being less concerned about the economy and more about "an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals."
Phony scandals like the IRS targeting the president's enemies or the ATF funneling guns into Mexico to help bolster calls for gun control? Or did you mean the Benghazi debacle where a US Ambassador and three other Americans were left to die at the hands of terrorists because, well, quite frankly we don't know. Boy, if those evil Republicans would only stop throwing up these distractions, we'd be able to turn the economy right around, right Barack?

I mean, it's not like you haven't spend 100X as much air time talking about how EEEEEVIL and RACIST the United States is because George Zimmerman was acquited of second degree murder as you have Benghazy. You spent more time claiming that it could have been you 35 years ago than explaining what, exactly, the ATF was doing letting firearms walk into Mexico. Your "Justice" Department devoted more of its time to rallying mobs in Florida than it did explaining why the IRS was targeting Tea Party groups. And your Attorney General was more interested in speaking out against "Stand Your Ground" laws than finding terrorists in Boston.

Yeah, we know, it's someone else's fault - but at least you're not still blaming Bush!

That is all.


notDilbert said...

Geee ..... If only there was some single elected official chosen by popular vote of the people who could lead "Washington" in the right direction and get them to "keep their eyes on the Ball."

........oh wait.

Old NFO said...

Yet... But it's coming...

agg79 said...

For a guy who throws a baseball like a girl and plays basketball about as well as a 5th grader, perhaps "eye on the ball" is not the best metaphor to use.

TOTWTYTR said...

Well he has to blame someone because goodness knows he's not responsible when anything goes wrong.

All those potential violations of federal law are just "distractions" from the real mission of making himself look competent.

Even without the distractions, that's pretty much impossible.