Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh, That Evil Gun Lobby!

Someone wake me when the MAIG starts handing out college scholarships...

NSSF® Awards $60,000 in Scholarships to Students
NEWTOWN, Conn. -- The National Shooting Sports Foundation®, the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry, has awarded $60,000 in scholarship funds to 25 students in its annual essay contest for employees of NSSF Voting Member companies and their family members.

"Reading these essays filled us with pride for the way these students expressed the importance of practicing firearm safety and how participating in the shooting sports positively influenced their lives," said Bettyjane Swann, NSSF director of member services. "The scholarships allow NSSF to recognize its Voting Member companies for their extraordinary commitment to their trade association."
That's $60K this year. Not total. Not since inception. This year. Now, yes, those scholarships are limited to people whose family members work in the firearms industry - like, you know, pretty much every specialty scholarship in existence. But they're shelling out multiple thousands of dollars to help kids go to college, whereas all the forces against freedom can do with children is use them for shields.

You know what the biggest disconnect is? It's encapsulated in this line from the winning entry:
"Because all those years ago I learned more than how to hit a target . . . I learned how to appreciate success, not expect it."
That. A thousand times that. That is the raw, fundamental difference between us and them right there, in a single sentence. Appreciate success, not expect it. The "wealthiest 1%", as the OccupyWhatever nimrods love to say, didn't get that way by falling in a big bucket of success by pure dumb luck. Sure, some of it is lineage, but the wealthiest American isn't a Forbes, or a Rockefeller, it's Bill Gates.

Participating in the shooting sports teaches you that there is a definite goal - shooting well - and that achieving that goal takes practice, dedication, and hard work. You don't magically wake up one day being able to hit the target, or make the long distance shot. Some people have greater eyesight, or better reflexes, or steadier nerves that make it easier for them, but they still have to work for it.

Working for it - what an outdated concept in this "somebody owes me" day and age...

That is all.

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Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

Forgive me for posting this on Facebook.

" I learned how to appreciate success, not expect it"
is just Mature.

Thanks for That Post. I'm inflicting it on my family and FB friends.
Rich in NC