Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Favorite Kind!

JB sends in my very favoritest kind of DGC addition:

MCSO: Wife killed husband in self-defense
(WBIR - McMinn County) A McMinn county man was shot and killed by his wife on Saturday within 15 minutes of leaving jail after he was arrested earlier in the day.

The McMinn County Sheriff said shortly before 8 am Saturday, Athens Police Officers received a report that Robert Vann Marshall, 34, was irate, suicidal, armed and threatening to kill his wife and children.
Now, a few things to point out here. He had an active restraining order against him, yet he was in possession of a firearm. Why, yes, gun control works - if your goal is getting guns away from the law-abiding. It sure as hell doesn't keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Second, he had an active restraining order, was arrested for violating that restraining order while illegally in possession of a gun (and narcotics) - and was released that same day.

Oh, yes, that piece of paper is really going to do you a lot of good when they're letting violent felons out the same day.

However, the woman in this story was not a helpless damsel, powerless to defend herself. She did not believe the antis lies that a piece of paper and 911 on speed dial is enough to keep her safe. She armed herself with the best tools for defense possible, and was prepared to use those tools. When her violent estranged husband showed up - fresh out of prison - intending to harm her and her kids, she took the ultimate step in self defense.

Rather than stand behind a worthless piece of paper, she opted for a firearm - and wound up the victor.

Dead Goblin Count: 420

That is all.


Old NFO said...

That's a win, especially for her and the children!!!

Ed said...

All that piece of paper does is give the police officer probable cause to arrest the husband if he is within a certain distance of her or her domicile, regardless of his actions while there. There is no magical conferring of protection and safety from that piece of paper. That only occurs in fairy tales.

Scott_S said...

This gives my heart a warm feeling that she and her kids were not harmed. It infurates me beyond all measure that this SOB was allowed to bond out of jail.