Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MArooned Product Review: TacPro Gear Covert Go-Bag

So, a while back I received a Covert Go-Bag from TacProGear for review. I took it to the NRA convention in Houston in May, and have used it on other journalistic-type forays as well. Figured it was as good a time as any to post a full review, so here goes!

First off, let's address one of the points brought up in comments to my initial post:
I find the "covert" name to be misleading because nothing says covert like coyote (desert) brown and molle webbing all over. 
Well, yeah:

It's not terrifically "covert" in the grand scheme of things. This is obviously a martially-geared piece of equipment, from the different straps to the webbing to the color.  Using the webbing as a pen/pencil/stylus/flashlight holder tends to distract from the overall tactical application, and generally the bag doesn't draw so much as a second glance.

Not even using it as a "personal item" at Logan Airport...

It holds a pretty decent complement of gear:

There's my iPad, full camera case, and HandyCam, everything I need to tackle the NRA convention. In the inside zippered pocket are headphones, spare batteries, and power cords as well as cleaning cloth. It's really not designed for large, bulky items like the full camera case, so getting it closed required a bit of creative adjustment, but it worked.

Plus it has a special secret pocket:

It has a "wheel" - with straps to hold a firearm and magazine on one side and velcro for the inside of the pocket on the other. It's fully adjustable for any size or type of firearm, and the pocket is large enough for a full-size handgun. That's the LaserLyte Trigger Tyme pistol being used as a - pardon the cliché - blue gun.

So, it holds a lot of gear. How's it carry, you ask? Pretty well (once you get the straps adjusted and everything figured out - thanks #1 blogdaughter!):

It tucks in nice and snug to the body, that's the distinct advantage to this pack. I had no trouble maneuvering through the intense crowd at the NRA convention with the Covert Go-Bag. The attachment points are simple and easy to operate:

There's a quick release buckle that cuts across the stomach, and another clip at the shoulder:

I found that releasing the waist buckle was sufficient to get the pack off, although if needed both the buckle and the clip can be released nearly instantly if you need to get the pack off in a hurry. Getting it back on is as simple as swinging it over your shoulder and clipping the shoulder, then buckling at the waist. The strap at the top is a holder for a hydration system, which is pretty sweet.

And, lastly, the view from behind:

Sorry about the crappy cell phone pictures here. It's REALLY hard to set up self-shots quickly. As you can see, though, the pack sets squarely in the back and distributes the weight evenly. The side braces even rest on top of the super-strong Dragon Leatherworks belt!

For a small, light pack that'll fit a decent amount of gear, the Covert Go-bag is an excellent option. It's not as pricey as the Maxpedition packs, yet doesn't feel like they cut any corners. It survived being banged around the NRA convention, one of the most crowded venues I've been to, as well as modern air travel - twice - and countless trunks. It's well-padded to keep your gear safe and will hold everything you need for a day's outing (remember a poncho, just in case!).

TacProGear Covert Go-Bag - might be misnamed on the Covert side, but the Go part is spot-on!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

If you want to make taking pictures MUCH easier, I would recommend the Nikon IR remote shutter release for your camera. The genuine Nikon part is ML-L3, and sells for about $20. if you search amazon for " Nikon ML-L3", you can find knock-offs for about $5.

Jay G said...


Xenolith said...

Pics look great Jay! Only one question: Does this pack make my butt look big?


J said...

I travel regularly as a contractor and often carry a coyote Kelty Map 3500. With no external PALS webbing whatsoever I still get asked if I'm in the military. You're probably right that the color doesn't help but I think you can confidently carry something with PALS webbing without being "made" by anyone other than other shooters or MIL/LEO as long as it's in a non-tactical color or black.