Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lots Of Stuff to Win!

Aaron has the monthly roundup of gun- and related contests for July.

The pistol giveaways are almost exclusively small, concealable handguns. It's interesting to see LC9s, M&P Shields, and Springfield XDs being offered as prizes - with more and more folks interested in firearms for self-defense, it's only natural that those would be a big draw. Ditto the modern sporting rifles up for grabs in the rifle section - the AR-15 pattern rifle is still the hottest thing going, and the number of companies hoping to lure your eyeballs their way with an AR-15 giveaway is getting bigger and bigger.

All this at a time when the CSGV and MAIG are telling us that gun ownership is on the decline? I don't buy it, not for a second. Companies wouldn't be offering up thousand dollar rifles and $500 handguns if they didn't think there was a big enough return on investment. If it wasn't bringing people to their site, they wouldn't be trying to give it away - TANSTAAFL, remember?

So, go, support these groups, check out the free stuff, and hopefully win something!

That is all.

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