Friday, July 5, 2013

I'd Like To Say More, But...

Tam has the latest on our friend TJIC.

In a nutshell, TJIC - who, remember, has never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted - applied for his MA FID card. This is the only card in MA that is "shall issue", and allows the holder to own low capacity rifles and shotguns. That's it. Since he's still at loggerheads with his local PD, getting the FID means he can have shotguns, bolt action rifles, and ammunition in the house.

Apparently, the police in his town decided - on Independence Day - to surround his house and illegally confiscate his firearms. No reason given, no criminal charges filed, nothing - although the Gestapo will more than likely dream something up and arrest him later to cover their pathetic asses.

Damn, I went Godwin, didn't I?

I was trying to keep this calm and even, because when all is said and done, I'm in MA. This could very easily be me. Someone with a grudge against me could send a link to some of my, err, more heated posts to my chief of police and get me declared unsuitable, and *poof* the armory disappears. As this new twist in the saga shows, even the supposedly "shall issue" FID license in MA can be revoked for any reason. Even though it's not supposed to be.

I hope Alan Gura is booking a flight to Logan Airport on Monday. This should be EXACTLY the kind of slam-dunk case he could use to get the horrific "shall issue" laws overturned, which would be a monumentous step in the right direction here in MA - remember, you need a permit to own *any* firearm in MA, something that very few other states require.

And with this new twist, we're seeing that one's Second Amendment rights can be completely revoked for no reason whatsoever. This in turn leads to one's Fourth Amendment rights against seizure of property being violated. And, remember, it all resulted from something TJIC said, so he's being punished for exercising his First Amendment rights.

Massachusetts: The birthplace - and graveyard - of liberty, indeed.

That is all.

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Erin Palette said...

I know people are stuck there because of jobs and/or family, but for the life of me I do not understand why gun owners choose to stay in Massachusetts.

Tango said...

Jay, I think you mixed up Shall Issue and May Issue. Shall Issue = good. May Issue = bad.

Your text: "This should be EXACTLY the kind of slam-dunk case he could use to get the horrific "shall issue" laws overturned"

Jennifer said...

But they told me I was paranoid for saying registration leads to confiscation! No jack boots here.

fast richard said...

I got done with work yesterday too tired to go watch fireworks. Instead I started up the computer just in time for the first few comments on Tam's post. This was the most unsettling Independence Day in my lifetime.

A Reader said...

@Tango - whether it's officially shall issue or officially may issue seems now to be irrelevant. If they can take it away because they want to, its not really shall issue. It's not even a truly reliable permit. Imagine if he was on his way to a range and Occifer Scheissekopf stopped him, took his FID, and then threw him in jail for possession and also carrying without the LTC. It's just slightly shy of ex post facto law.

TJIC was right to say that these aren't good guys. They're not quite einsatzgruppen, but they're getting there, just as the TSA mokes aren't quite kapos.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Tyranny" boys and girls? I thought you could. Time to forcefully overthrow the government like they have in Egypt.

skidmark said...

Mass gun owners face a terrible choice - stay and fight what is becoming a dirtier war, or bail for greener pastures - leaving the Massholes to expand their "policies" against those who remain behind.

There is a point when carrying out the fight must move forward from legal maneuvering and "discussions" moderated by judges and juries. Check out a few of the behaviors Tom Jefferson listed and tell me how much longer Massachusettians are going to put up with them before they say "No mas!"

stay safe.

Mopar said...

Glad to see they're planning to move to NH. Just as soon as one of us lands a decent job there we're there too.

libertyman said...

Molar and TJIC let me know how I can help.

libertyman said...

That is Mopar

Mopar said...

libertyman: Know of any IT Manager type positions somewhere in the White Mountains region? Really dont want to go further south then say Laconia. Conway area would be ideal, but the further north ya go the harder it is to find a tech job. Southern NH is a different story, and if push comes to shove we may have to rethink that as 2014 gets closer (that's when the worst of CT's new gun laws take full effect.

Wraith said...

OK, seriously. You guys who still persist in living in Mass, remind me of those Japanese soldiers they kept finding on deserted Pacific islands, still fighting WWII 50 years after the fact.

MASSACHUSETTS IS NO LONGER PART OF AMERICA. It's conquered territory. We lost. Pack your crap, GTFO and move to someplace where liberty still means something.

(And yes, Jay--this means you too. Stop giving this evil dictatorship your tax money, 'permit' money and tacit support and move to freakin' America!!)

libertyman said...

Mopar. I will make inquiries when I return Monday from here in Maine.
More opportunities in southern nh but it is still NH.

Motor-T said...

When some statist is lecturing about "common sense gun laws" this is exactly what they're talking about.
You will never hear a gun control proponent say that Massachusetts or New Jersey's gun laws are too strict. This (and more) is what they want everywhere

instinct said...

Come on out to New Mexico, Jay! Two reasons.

One - we have open carry.

Two - I can use your pistols to make LOTS of patterns :D

Ross said...

AFAIK, Travis hadn't gotten any guns yet. They confiscated his FIANCEE'S guns, and SHE had a perfectly valid LTC.

I'll say it: The Arlington MA Police Department is on a crusade against this poor bastard that is worthy of any totalitarian regime at it's finest.

NUGUN Blog said...

The real question is when do we take a stand?

- Babies being taken away from parents by gestapo police.

- Our children cars assaulted and guns pointed at them for buying a case of seltzer water.

- Our homes invaded, and we're charged with obstruction if we don't let the police use our property for observation.

- Seizures of guns and property on a whim.

The list goes on and on and on and on...and its getting worse.


Where do us fools think we're going to move to? I know lots of people who a decade or two ago sought to move to Colorado. To avoid California, which was originally the avoidance of NY/New England.

What state do you think will be safe? Do you think that they will not try to expand, albeit slowly step-by-step to those states you think are better? Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, North Dakota...

(Okay, Alaska seems fairly much, we don't want to waste our time.)

And how do we convince the greater populace when the government has the $100 billion media industry on a leash for them?

I'm not a "threeper", but darn it, I'm a 6%'er. I am not going to be silent. And I'm still hoping that the 3% crowd is wrong. But .gov keeps proving me to be the idiot fool of a Took.