Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Can Haz PMag?

Why yes! Yes I can!

See? 100% MA-legal and MA AWB compliant 10 round PMags. Thanks to Larry Weeks at Brownells for the kind gift of this and, as he put it, "enough to give you 30 rounds":

Heh. Thanks Larry. While I will admit it's not a single 30-rounder - that would be a felony - it was awfully nice of the good folks at Brownells to send three of the brand new Magpul 10 round magazines. When I opened up the package to liberate the one 10-rounder, something struck me:

This is the first new AR-15 magazine I own.

All the other AR-15 magazines I own are 19+ year old pre-ban magazines. I have 20 rounders. I have 30 rounders. I think I have one or two 40 rounders, even. But all of them are 19 years old at the very youngest. This is the first time I've ever gotten to open a package and use a magazine for the very first time. I don't have to replace the follower - because it's new! I don't have to put in a new spring - because it's new! I can go to the range and not worry about failures to feed due to old magazines!

Someday - someday - I will have a new 30 rounder... or maybe even the new 40 round Pmag!

That is all.

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