Monday, July 22, 2013

How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go Away?

McCain joins Obama in calling for review of 'Stand Your Ground' laws
A top Republican joined President Barack Obama's call to review so-called "Stand Your Ground" laws in the aftermath of the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the 2012 shooting of black teen Trayvon Martin.

Sen. John McCain, Ariz., a prominent Republican who's been known to break ranks with fellow members of the GOP at times, urged state legislatures to review Stand Your Ground laws in the wake of the Zimmerman trial, which became a national flashpoint for race relations in America.
Oh how cute. John McCain is back to being the "Maverick" again. Now that he's being used as a bludgeon against the GOP (again), he is the media's darling. He's showing that he's just as clueless - or evil - as Barack Obama in conflating the Trayvon Martin shooting with "Stand Your Ground" laws. They might as well claim that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was caused by Global Warming, given that GW has about the same relevance to the events in Sanford FLA. Why on earth McCain feels the need to poke his nose into this series of events is beyond me.

Senator McCain, thank you for your service in the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. Now, please kindly shut the hell up, especially when it's about a subject in which you appear to be sadly misinformed. Now, I know, if you only listened to the media and the left (but I repeat myself), you would think that SYG and the Martin shooting were related. They're not. When one is on the ground with another party on top of them, one cannot retreat - ergo the elimination of the duty to retreat that Stand Your Ground laws address is not an issue.

Once more, with feeling: "Stand Your Ground" laws had *NOTHING* to do with the Trayvon Martin case. NOTHING. 

Pretending that Martin wasn't beating the ever-loving snot out of Zimmerman doesn't make it not happen. Listening to the left tell the story of what happened, they gloss right over the "raining MMA-style punches down" on Zimmerman and the "You're going to die tonight" comment - hey, if the left can invent out of whole cloth that Zimmerman disobeyed direct police orders not to follow Martin, we can take Zimmerman's testimony at face value, right?

If things happened the way the race baiters claimed, I'd be just as outraged that Zimmerman was acquitted. In their world, angelic little 12 year old Trayvon Martin went to the store to get some candy, and on the way home was chased down and executed with a single bullet to the back of the head by 7' tall, 350 pound, anabolic steroid using George Zimmerman. Martin never lifted a finger to Zimmerman, and spent the last few moments of his life on the phone with his mama telling her to forgive the evil white devil.

This is what you have to believe in order to swallow the "'Stand Your Ground' laws contributed to the death of Trayvon Martin" line of BS.

That is all.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

I wish there was a way we could Repeal McCain...

Anonymous said...

Dear federal .gov political hack.

Keep your nose out of state laws, especially if you do nor reside in that state.

We don't care what you think! Really it is just rude.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually pay attention to John McCain? He is an old has been. He should retire and go to a veterans home.

Stretch said...

Jay, you, your readers, and most of the "haters" live in a world ruled by Facts.
Sen. McCain (as apposed to Capt. McCain), Teh 0ne, et. al. live in a world of FEELINGS, lollipops and unicorns.
There can be no reconciliation, bi-lateral agreement, or mutual understanding because we have nothing in common.
See: Conquistadors vs. Aztecs/Mayans.

LMB said...

Once again, they keep harping on SYG laws & how they're "enabling murderers. "

Nevermind that the Zimmerman trial never even touched that law.

Of course, when confronted with facts, they'll just try to keep shouting the same tired bullshit they've BEEN shouting since forever.

IOW, Same Old Shit, Different Day.