Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Holster That Heater!

Good: Getting an e-mail telling you that your holster is in the mail on its way to you.

Better: You didn't order a holster.

Best: It's one of these sweet jobs from Michael's Custom Holsters:

In Houston during the NRA convention, Michael let me try out Jennifer's rig for the M&P compact. I wore it around for a good while and was absolutely gobsmacked at how easy it made carrying the M&P IWB. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised - Michael's Executive II for the S&W J-frame is my favorite IWB holster for the small revolver.

Anyhoo, he re-upped another year's worth of ad space over on the right ----> (go click, please!), and in exchange the above holster showed up in my mailbox.

It's for the M&P:



And because Michael knows me and is just that awesome, it even accommodates the full size M&P:

.45 ACP goodness!

Yes, that's a full sized Smith & Wesson M&P45 - with a Crimson Trace Grip Laser - in that holster.

I fully intend to put this holster through its paces. I also fully expect this holster to not only meet my expectations, but to leave them in their wake like a canoe behind a cigarette boat. Okay, I think I need more coffee to make better analogies, but you get the point. Michael does really great work, he really does. He knows his stuff, he's got the talent, and I'm proud to have his ad on my sidebar.

I realized something, too, about those ads. Mark from Rimfire Designs is the only person whose business has an ad on the sidebar that I don't personally know. I'm hoping that one of my trips out west will remedy that. Mark and I have chatted quite a bit via e-mail (and I owe him a picture or two of a set of grips - mea culpa, Mark!), so I consider him someone I know IRL, but he's the only person with an ad I haven't actually met. Caleb/Dan, Ron, Michael, Robb, Wally and Dennis are all folks I've met in meatspace... Pretty neat, actually.

Watch this space for some super secret news regarding the leathersmith behind this fine holster, too...

That is all.


Keads said...

Nice looking leather!

Erin Palette said...

Wait. The Evyl Robot gives stuff away in exchange for blog space? Why was I not informed of this???

Evyl Robot Michael said...

I'm glad you're already enjoying it so much!