Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Headlines You Don't See Everyday...

NY rabbi accused of trying to pull over motorists
MAMARONECK, N.Y. (AP) — Some drivers in the suburbs north of New York City were startled when they saw a man waving his arms, honking his horn and flashing a silver badge in a frantic effort to get them to pull over in traffic.

Even more surprising was who was suspected of doing it: a respected rabbi.

Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski has been arrested in one case and is being investigated in at least two more in which authorities say the apparent reason for trying to pull people over was to rage at them for cutting him off or driving too slowly.
Folks, I solemnly swear to you, I have not been impersonating a rabbi in NYC...

I guess what this story illustrates is that you can be as respected a person as they come and still succumb to the sin of anger. If someone as morally correct as a man of the cloth can come unglued in traffic, threatening to - as he admits - call the police on someone for traveling the speed limit in a school zone, well, then can't we all? Some hold it together better than others, some are seemingly unfazed, some develop ulcers.

And rabbis in NYC flash pretend CRB* and wind up in the back of a squad car.

That is all.

*CRB: Concealed Rabbi Badge


Dave H said...

I'd dispute that anger is a sin, but it sure does lead a lot of people to sin. But then again, so does traffic. I about soiled myself the first time I saw my Dad give someone the finger on the road. (I was about 35 at the time.)

Jay G said...

In the Roman Catholic faith, we're taught the Seven Deadly Sins:


One of the few things I remembered from Religion class in high school...

Daniel in Brookline said...

Concealed Rabbi Badge, hey? I want to see one of those.

Coulda been worse, I guess. He could have stood at a streetcorner with a steaming kettle at his feet, and started throwing matzo balls at the motorists. (You want to watch out for those. My grandmother's matzo balls could have been used as shotgun slugs.)

Mikael said...

I firmly dispute that men of the cloth are any more morally correct than the general population. It's a position of respect and authority, and that is often a draw of bad apples. For example priests are upwards of 200 times more likely to be pedofiles than the general population(varies by country, minimum 20 times more likely).

Anonymous said...

Anger or wrath? I was taught the "wrath" version, which is anger that has been nursed and misdirected until it overwhelms the mind (and possibly soul).

Either way the Rabbi needs some evaluation and to cool off for a while.