Monday, July 1, 2013

Great Way To Start The Week...

Brad_in_MA sends in today's DGC additions. Yes, two. How better to start off a Monday than with a two-fer?

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office: 2 suspects dead in home invasion
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two people are dead after what the Jacksonville Sheriff Office is calling a home invasion in the Fort Caroline area.

JSO says it all started around 11:20 p.m. Wednesday when they got a report of shots fired at a home in the 2000 block of Oak Water Drive.
You know, I have absolutely no proof that this is related, but I would like to think that the horrific video out of New Jersey helped to contribute to this. I'd like to think that, after seeing the viciousness of the attack, more people are waking up to the evil that's out there and taking precautions. Two armed men burst into the house screaming at folks to get down. What, exactly, were their intentions? Given that one of the goblins was later found surreptitiously dumped in a nearby dumpster, it's hard to think these guys would have cared about the effect of leaving witnesses alive vs. shooting everyone in the room.

Compare and contrast this story with the New Jersey home invasion. While this was an escalation of violence - they kicked the door in and were armed - the turnout couldn't have been more different. Instead of a traumatized family and a career criminal left to the vagaries of the New Jersey criminal justice system, we have two dead goblins and a whole house full of live people who may very well not have survived the encounter.

I prefer this outcome to that in New Jersey, thank you.

Dead Goblin Count: 416 & 417

That is all


Skul said...

Two new additions to the DGC.

Anonymous said...

I'm not generally for vigilanteism, but the New Jersey episode may have changed my mind.

Someone knew that dude, and he should have been known by the cops as well.

He "needs killin'" as they say in Texas.