Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #327

Heh. I couldn't resist this one.

Yes, that is a Hi-Point 995 Carbine. This picture was taken at the NRA convention back in May - it's become a tradition to visit both the Cobra and Hi-Point booths just to see what the latest and greatest in the, well, "other" circles was. This year, it's a new, less pukey-looking stock for the 995 as well as a "muzzle brake" sort of device.

The 995, by all accounts, is a far cry from its pistol brethren, in that it appears to work and work well. They take proprietary 10 round magazines, which limit the capacity (and inherent usefulness compared to other 9mm carbines), but are 100% ban-compliant for states - like MA - that still have so-called "assault weapon" bans.

At least now the stock doesn't look like a deformed boat paddle!

That is all.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

MKS Supply donates one of these every year for the raffle at Gun Blogger Rendezvous; all the more reason to head to Reno come September. These carbines have a great reputation, and they are even banned as a dangerous weapon in Chicago.

We keep our .45 Hi-Point loaded for home defense, and for skunks and coyotes that are dumb enough to come through our yard.

Dave H said...

That pistol grip still makes it extra deadly in New York.

I have one I bought used (well used) with an ATI stock on it a couple of years ago. I didn't get the scope rail that was supposed to come with it. When I called Hi-Point to ask about buying one they sent it to me at no charge.

I should call them and see if that new stock will fit mine.

Brad_in_MA said...


A while back I shot a .40 version. I have to say I was impressed. It'd be a terrific SHTF carbine for inside of 50 yards, especially with a whole bunch of mags on your hip. Too bad in MA it can't be combined with a pistol which shares mags.


Mopar said...

Too scary to own here in CT now too.

LCB said...

I think this version has been out for several years? Looks a lot like mine, anyway.

there are 15 round after market magazines available by ProMag. The one's I have work well.

The 9mm is a blast to shoot...but I wouldn't rely on it for any kind of SHTF scenario. It does fail to cleanly feed some cheaper ammo...say 1 round out of 30 or so.

jimmie said...

Bought my son one in 9mm, works like a champ. Uglyest gun I've ever seen but its tons of fun.