Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #326

Today's gun picture also comes to us courtesy of my red-headed blog stepchild Michael W:

That's a Rossi 92, the same model I am currently reviewing but in the carbine configuration. Michael W. has added a few tricks and tweaks to this particular rifle, and has shared some of his secrets with me for the 92 I have once I'm done with the review (I don't think it is fair to review a firearm outside of its natural state unless the tweaks are what the review is about).

Now, I will admit to being an unabashed fan of the lever action rifle - I own three - and the 92 is no slouch right out of the box. It's a somewhat unfair comparison to put the brand-y new Rossi against either of my Marlins - both are many years old and have been broken in well, so they both function like clockwork. I can see the 92 settling into the same pattern down the road - and even with current ammo prices, .38 Special isn't terribly expensive to shoot.

Boy, Rossi sure makes some purty rifles, don't they?

That is all.


John Richardson said...

I'll be interested in reading your review of the Rossi Model 92. I've been thinking of getting one in .38/.357. While I'd prefer an older Marlin, I hear the new Noo Yawk made ones leave something to be desired.

Dave H said...

I suspect a Rossi 92 will be the next gun I get. Probably in .45 Colt to match my revolver, but the idea of a .357 is appealing too. Always room for another caliber in the ammo safe.

How many rounds does the .357 carbine hold in the tube? The governor gets twitchy if it's too many.

John R: I have a Marlin 1895 built in 2011 and I have to admit I'm disappointed with the workmanship. Marlin's reputation deserves better.

Kevin said...

I've got the stainless 16" carbine version chambered in .45LC. I traded my '94 Winchester 24" rifle (same chambering) for it. I like the '92 much better.

Michael W. said...

Dave H.
The carbine w/16" barrel holds 8 in the magazine, the 20" holds 10. Of course you can add one up the spout.

After a little "slicking up" the 92 is one of the best handling weapons I have ever owned. Plus it doesn't freak out the libs like those EVIL black rifles do.