Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Facelift, Explained...

I mentioned in a previous Friday Gun Pr0n that the P3AT had been duracoated by new gunsmith Speer. I had posted the final product:

But wanted to get a little more in-depth:





Boy, howdy, but that's some good work right there. At some point I'm going to get motivated and paint the front and rear "sights" contrasting colors (probably orange front, white rear). In case it's not 100% clear, the coating (I'm not sure if it's actual Duracoat, or Cerakote, or some other proprietary [NAME]coat) is even, uniform, and, while I hate to damn with faint praise, a helluva lot better than the factory "finish".

I've got to say, the man does good work - thanks Speer!

That is all.

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