Monday, July 8, 2013

Curse You, N*RA!

Isn't that the standard response to a school shooting? Blame the NRA! Why, it's their fault that we haven't stopped the statistical anomaly that is the mass shooting - that the CDC itself admits has killed fewer people than 5 gallon buckets, right? All their evil blood money from the gun manufacturers going to buy votes to keep killy assault machine guns free just means more dead kids, at least that's how the supporters of gun control would like you to think.

Here's yet another story to lay at the feet of the NRA, then:

Gunmen kill 20 students, teacher in Nigerian school shooting
(CNN) -- Gunmen stormed a school in Nigeria killing 20 students and a teacher over the weekend, state news reported.

Four more students suffered critical wounds, when the men opened fire early Saturday, Voice of Nigeria said.
I hate stooping to their level, I really do. Twenty students were killed as well as a teacher, and four more were critically wounded. It's a tragedy no matter what the tool used happened to be - but it does to certain enemies of liberty, of course. The braying about the NRA is just a smokescreen, intended to distract from the real issue. There's never any connection made between the NRA's awesome clout and the number of members or the amount of money they can raise or the number of letters their members write - the forces against freedom would have you believe that the NRA's power comes from ... well ... we're not sure where they think it comes from.

It has nothing to do with the NRA. It has nothing to do with the millions of good people that own and use firearms responsibly. It has nothing to do with the inanimate object. It has everything to do with the mindset of those that would do evil - whether for terrorism, like this case, or because of mental illness, such as the case in CT, or for infamy, like Columbine. The number of rounds a magazine can hold, the number of "features" a semi-automatic rifle has, the amount of time that must elapse between gun purchases; none of these things will stop a determined evil person nor someone whose grasp on reality is tenuous to say the least.

Then again, certain factions of the anti-freedom brigade think that sparklers are a terrorist plot, so reality might be harder to grasp than we think...

That is all.

*Nigerian Rifle Association

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Curse you Nigerian Rifle Association!