Monday, June 10, 2013

You Can Bring a Knife to a Gunfight!

You can if it's this knife!

Hmmm. That looks like it's more than it seems...

Wait. Since when do knives come in calibers?

When they've got a .22 Short revolver hidden in the handle! Now, .22 Short isn't exactly my first choice for a defensive caliber, but it does beat harsh language...

The trigger drops down for firing:

And the barrel is located over the blade:

Obviously, it's considered an AOW (Any Other Weapon) as it's not "gun shaped", but it is a fully functional revolver. It's double action only, with each squeeze of the trigger firing the gun and turning the cylinder. It was built for the latest Die Hard movie - which I haven't seen yet - and I was asked by the folks at Arsenal Arms to wait until the movie came out to say anything.

Naturally, I forgot, and this past weekend I was at the local warehouse store and saw Die Hardest (or whatever the heck the FIFTH DieHard movie is called) for sale. It reminded me that I have this wicked cool knife/gun to show. It was pretty funny, because the gentleman at Arsenal knew from my blog that I was the big bayonet guy, so when he saw me at SHOT Show he could barely contain himself. "You have GOT to see what we have here!" and then rolled out this wonderful contraption.

Special thanks to Arsenal Arms for giving me the opportunity to investigate this unique firearm.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a revival of a knife/gun
that was made for a while in the
late '80s or early '90s.

That one had more brass on it, and a wood handle.

notDilbert said...

Don't remember seeing that in the movie.....

But then after Bruce escapes the Hind with the twin chain guns by jumping thru the window on the umpteenth floor and landing in the swining pool and has too shoot a hole in the plate glass atrium on the way down.... Someone useing a 22 short was probaly lost in the mahem.

......and that's only half way through --- the real destrction comes later.

Daniel in Brookline said...

Is there any chance at ALL that this will make The List and be Mass-legal?

Wally said...

Ironically, this doesn't need to appear on the list as it isn't a handgun (as it is an AOW). However MA bans any guns that don't look like guns.

Have seen a few of these movie gun-knives come up for sale, but at staggering prices.