Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Who Ya Gonna Call?

...As Pinky would say, "ZORT!"

Been reading "World War Z" this week (really, really good book BTW. Dunno why it's taken me this long to pick it up...) So I thought I'd feature the "Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle" from the Zombie Outbreak Response Team (ZORT) that made it to the NoVA shoot earlier this month courtesy of Wandering Neurons.

It piqued my interest as soon as I saw it parked:


Self, I said, that looks like one of the original H1 Humvees. Only...

Driver's side


Passenger side


Talking to Wandering Neurons, he told me that it's not, in fact, a Hummer (although, really, for all intents and purposes it's darn close - it's still a GM). It's a mid 1980s Suburban frame with the tried-and-true 6.2L diesel engine. While the GM car diesels of the 1980s were horrible abortions and abominations unto the good name of Harley Earl, the truck diesels were nigh-unstoppable. He did the conversion himself - and said the hardest part was tearing out part of a wall to get it into his yard!

It looks awesome, turning heads and getting people talking. I don't know what he's got into this baby, but you can find kits for $5-$15K (and more, of course) and a decent donor vehicle for ~ $10K - so even at the high end of $25K, you have something like the above that will turn heads just as well as any six-figure Ferrari. And you can work on the motor yourself, and even tow a camper with this one! I liked that option myself - and there are companies that offer kits for Dodge pickups.

If the Earthf**ker ever gets in a wreck, I know how I'm rebuilding her!

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


I'll play pedantic jerk today. The Humvee (HMMWV - High Mobility, Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) is in fact built by AM General, not GM. Only the "HUMMER" brand is GM. [/pedant]

That said, the ZORT vehicle is none the less a hoot and a half.


Chris in TX said...

J, since the your particular Earthf*cker is a Dodge, I feel like your best options (to maintain brand identity) would be to rebuild it as either a: a Power Wagon, or b: a 3/4 ton Weapons Carrier. I think option b is more your style

Ross said...

I want one.

Stretch said...

Let's see now ...
M2 on the rear bed.
M42s in rear door mounts.
SAW under the hood.
And for those morons who tailgate Jay in the rain ... a claymore on the trailer mount. Wired to a BIG RED BUTTON on the dash.
Ya, this is gonna be a fun conversion.

Wandering Neurons said...

Loved WW Z. You might take a look at "The Zombie Survival Guide" next. Not a story, more of a how-to guide. And the author compares how Z reacts to stimuli compared to H.Sapiens. Not necessarily a "prepper" book, thought-provoking.
Also, I'm building a zombie weapon kit for the truck, and want to get movie/book/tv themed weapons. I have a cricket bat from "Shawn of the Dead", want to find a banjo from "Zombieland". I have a kids chainsaw (generic), and am looking for other ideas. No projectile or edged weapons. Pity me, I live in Maryland...
Thanks Jay!

wandering Neurons said...

Brad, you are correct, the military HMMWV was AM General, Hummer was licensed to GM, and AM General built the H2. But GM has a number of parts in the HMMWV, particularly the engine, transmission, and transfer case.
Stretch, thanks for the idea for the BRB (Big Red Button). I've got one at home, will put a PANIC plaque on it, mount it near the driver.

Jay G said...

There is a company out there that makes a claymore-shaped hitch receiver cover. Couple that to one of the Staples "That was Easy" red buttons and you've got a quick winner right there...