Friday, June 28, 2013

What ELSE Can He Screw Up?

Not merely content to screw over CT gunowners, now Governor Malloy has to f**k with history, too?

Connecticut governor OKs law erasing Wright Brothers from history
Connecticut now officially recognizes a local aviator as the first man who flew.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced on Wednesday that he signed into law a measure insisting that German-born aviator and Bridgeport resident Gustave Whitehead flew in 1901, two years before Wilbur and Orville Wright lifted off from Kitty Hawk, N.C.
Okay, now he didn't erase the Wright Brothers from history. He simply went against all other established evidence - including that gathered by the Smithsonian Institute - to declare someone else to be the first person to fly. I guess when you realize that no on can stop you from trampling all over the rights of your state's citizens, you start getting hungry for more power. Since the "rich @$$hole messing around with other states' rights" position has already been taken by Mikey Bloomberg, Governor Malloy decided that he and he alone was the sole arbiter of US history.

I'm sure it's mere coincidence that the "Whitehead Research Institute" claims that Gustave Whitehead was actually "first in flight"...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

The Smithsonian can not be entirely trusted as an impartial judge on this matter since at the time their own Secretary (chief administrator) was actively involved in the race for heavier than air flight. Much to the Smithsonian's eternal embarasment, he did not suceede, but that didn't stop them from twisting the facts to their own purposes.

" However, the Curtiss flights emboldened the Smithsonian to display the Aerodrome in its museum as "the first man-carrying aeroplane in the history of the world capable of sustained free flight". Fred Howard, extensively documenting the controversy, wrote: "It was a lie pure and simple, but it bore the imprimatur of the venerable Smithsonian and over the years would find its way into magazines, history books, and encyclopedias, much to the annoyance of those familiar with the facts." (Howard, 1987). The Smithsonian's action triggered a decades-long feud with the surviving Wright brother, Orville."

Stretch said...

Liberal's lives are dictated by FEELINGS.
Since FEELINGS are easily changed they FEEL other things must also be as easily changed.
Hence facts of history, science, economics ... well, everything really, are subject to their whims and flights of fancy.
This is why I no longer try to argue or correct them. They are simply not worth the effort.

Mopar said...

Yea, not just Malloy. Around here "everyone" knows whitehead was first. As a matter of fact, I drive up and down the hill he supposedly launched from every day going to and from work. But, it's not even just CT. If you read the foreward in the 2013 edition of "Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft" (the bible of airplanes), they also say that they now believe Whitehead beat the Wright brothers. When it comes to aircraft, ya gonna call "Jane's" a liar? :P