Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Do We Like To See?

More additions to the DGC! Thanks to JReb for this one.

Would-be robber shot dead
A man outside his south-side home almost became a robbery victim Saturday night, but rather than surrender, he pulled out his handgun and fatally shot one of his attackers, Fort Wayne police said.

The man was on or near the front steps of 710 W. Packard Ave., the apartment house where he lives, when two men approached him. The pair tried to rob him, and he responded by shooting one of them several times, said Sgt. Mark Brooks, a police spokesman.
Walked up to him, stuck a gun in his face, and demanded he give them money. Turns out it was an airsoft gun, but you know what? That does not matter one bit. You walk into a bank, stick your finger in your jacket pocket and claim to have a gun, they will charge you with armed robbery. Someone sticks what looks to be a real gun in your face - and there are some seriously good replica airsoft guns out there - you are in legitimate fear for your life.

Again, it comes back to the central tenet. You just don't know when someone threatens you whether they really do intend to kill you or not. Whether the weapon they are holding is "real" or simply airsoft or pellet is immaterial - they are threatening your life, plain and simple. They are using that weapon - real or facsimile - as a means to intimidate and threaten. Can you tell the difference between a realistic airsoft and a .22LR? I can't. Not when it's dark and multiple aggressors are threatening my life.

Always take the goblin at face value and assume that they intend to kill you - don't rely on their mercy.

Dead Goblin Count: 408

That is all.


Mopar said...

the man and one of the assailants got into a struggle on the ground. The assailant was hitting the man on the head, and when the man called for help, the assailant tried to cover his mouth. With a free hand, the man grabbed his .40-caliber pistol and shot the assailant four times

Can we expect President Obama to come out in support of this DG and say if he had a son he might look like the DG?

Ed said...

It is a good thing that he realized that you need to do more than point the weapon at the assailant.

In Lawrence, this liquor store owner forgot that once the weapon is drawn, you actually need to fire it to remove the threat. Otherwise, the problem just moves on to someone else less prepared:

RandyGC said...

I'd love to see the face of the 16 year old co-perp when they explain the Felony Murder law to him.