Thursday, June 27, 2013

They'll Only Take It Away And Use It Against You...

Report: Intruder fatally shot in the face by homeowner in Spartanburg Co.
SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WYFF) - The Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office says a man was killed after he broke into a home and was shot in the face by the homeowner.

Authorities say it all started when a woman who lived on Tanglewood Road in Wellford called 911 Tuesday night and reported a burglary in progress at her home involving two intruders.
Apparently this is another case of the homeowner taking away the bad guy's gun and using it against him - or, more specifically, against one of the group of people invading the home. While these are really not technically defensive gun uses, in that it's not the survivor's own gun, the simple fact that it stands the antis argument on its head is enough to make it stay. If they want to claim that we shouldn't carry guns because the bad guys will just take them away from us, then it should count in reverse, when a good guy takes away the bad guy's gun and uses it against him.

Besides, I can't resist a story where a goblin gets shot in the face.

Dead Goblin Count: 415

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Never break into Larry Vickers house. He'll shoot you in the face every time.


Armed Texan said...

"Authorities say it all started when a woman who lived on Tanglewood Road in Wellford called 911..."

BS. It started when a couple of goblins ran out of meth or something and decided to help themselves to other people's property instead of waiting for taxpayer assistance. It ended when goblin A got shot in the face and goblin B bravely ran away. The police missed all of the excitement.

Steve said...

There's a story in the business section of the Herald with your exact title quoted by the woman who opened a storefront for "protection" in Sprinfield, MA. I'm pretty sure you have some kind of infection down there that gets into the low info voter's brain.

Anonymous said...

Shot in the face and still managed to get out of the house before doing his public service by expiring. Should have double-tapped?

The story should begin "it all started the last time (one of many) that goblin A was granted parole." Anybody want to bet that he isn't known to police?


jimmie said...

The home owner didnt know it but it was his cousin that he shot in the face. Happened a few miles down the road from my house.

Anonymous said...