Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Something To Think About...

Another good video from NRA News here, from commentator Natalie Foster.

I know this might come as a shock, but yes, women like guns too. I know, I know, this is crazy talk - women are either supposed to be forced into going to the range by their domineering significant other, or they'll only go when prodded by their well-meaning gun enthusiast friends after a close encounter with a bad guy. This ain't Hollywood. We're not cardboard cut-out stereotypes. This mainly applies to the antis - who will very begrudgingly admit that, yes, more women are owning guns - but only because those evil NRA Republicans are such effective fear mongers - but can apply to those nominally on our side, too. "Little lady needs a pink handled snubnosed .38 Special"...

When I take a new or returning shooter to the range, I have a standard routine. .22LR revolver, then semi-automatic; followed by a .38 Special revolver and then a 9mm semi-automatic. If time permits, a .22LR rifle (almost always a 10/22, because they're just so darn fun). Doesn't matter if it's a new female shooter or an older retiree who hasn't picked up a firearm since his time in the Corps. Firearms are gender neutral. Safety is gender neutral. Treat people like, well, people - not as stereotypes.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me that this is such uncommon common sense, but...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Not only are lefty's heads exploding watching this, I think I just had a Chris Matthews "moment".


Roger said...

I wish that a LOT more folks would
teach / train new shooters, particularly women in the manner you describe.
I see every day women at the range trying to learn to defend themselves with a firearm. Their "trainer" whether it be a friend, hubby, acquaintance, no matter has chosen to use a serious combat pistol to train her with.
A .45 acp or .40 S&W with full power ammo. Or a compact 9mm with full power ammo, or a sub compact .380 with no sights and tiny grips.
The women generally are seriously interested in self defense but learning on a mega-blaster 23 just ain't the way.
It appears that very few people have learned just how easy it is to teach someone with a .22 rf pistol or rifle. The muscle memory, training, sight picture, trigger control are all the same with a .22 just not the recoil, muzzle blast & expense.

Anonymous said...

You know... My sister is the one who got me into shooting. Prior to her I didn't really care if I owned a gun since my friends only wanted to show me the big stuff which at the time didn't seem fun, but she introduced me to several of hers starting with her trusty circa 1987 Marlin Model 60 and then going up (though the 60 was my favorite). I'm a scrawny white guy, so when my friends shove their manly men Glock 10mms and .45s in my hands I groaned, but she showed me there is something fun about it.

That and I'm pretty sure she was the first person with a concealed carry permit in the extended family.