Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shotgun Addition!

Kevin sends in the latest DGC addition.

Phoenix shooting: 1 killed after robbery goes bad outside Phoenix Home Depot
PHOENIX - One person is dead after an apparent robbery went sour in the parking lot of a Valley Home Depot store Monday afternoon.

Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said two men were waiting to meet someone outside the Home Depot at 99th Avenue and Camelback Road to sell some items they had posted on the internet.
Now, the story isn't all that clear on whether the guy that got shot was the one who had the items for sale, or just happened to think robbing random people was a good idea. Kudos on the dudes who went to buy something from a random stranger and thought to go armed. I don't know if this is happening more often or not (folks getting robbed, or at least attempted, when meeting someone to buy something from online), but it's always a good idea to take certain precautions when meeting with a stranger.
  • Public place.
  • Let folks know where you're going.
  • Have a charged phone handy.
  • Bring a damn gun.
Yeah, that's about it.

Dead Goblin Count: 410

That is all.


Dave H said...

I don't know if it's happening more often, but we're certainly hearing about it more. Some people in Ohio were convicted of murder a couple of years ago when they placed ads for farm workers and killed the people who showed up. More recently, a guy in Canada selling his truck was driven out into the country by a prospective buyer and shot.

Armed Texan said...

Journalism, what is it and how does it work? The writer of this story needs to be fired.

To the alleged journalist:
Is Ken the uncle to the defensive shooter (the real victim) or is he the uncle to the DGC? If the names of the men involved have not been released, how did you find an "uncle Ken"? If you know for certain that "uncle Ken" is the uncle to either the DGC or the robbery victim, then couldn't you ask, you know, for the guy's name?

Anonymous said...

In my misspent youth, I may have watched friends buy or sell car parts to complete strangers through a 3-9x scope sitting atop a deer rifle.

I can't recall.

TinCan Assassin said...

Remember kids: Don't try and rob people in Ari-freaking-Zona. It's just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I sell something locally on the internet, I have the buyer meet me in the public parking lot of the local police station.
Roughly 15% of the "buyers" decline. I feel much safer there, why don't they?

Jeremy Phillips said...

When I meet a stranger to buy something from CraigsList or something similar, I do always bring a gun (in fact I am never without it) and I wear level IIIa body armor, just in case. I found a company called Base Evolution has good stuff that's affordable.