Friday, June 7, 2013

Only The Police Should Have Guns...

That's what they say, right? There's no reason to own guns; only the "trained professionals", the "only ones" should be allowed to own and carry firearms. But what happens when the police officers not only break the law, but help run guns?

Facing Years in Jail, Officer in Gun Scheme Has Regrets
Police Officer Ali Oklu said it began in 2010 with a phone call from a fellow officer: “Hey, you want a side job?”

At the time, he lived at home with his two elderly parents, helping to support them through his position with the New York Police Department, which he joined three years earlier. He remembered saying yes.
That "side job" turned out to be running stolen contraband - mainly untaxed cigarettes - alongside his fellow officers. They were moving untaxed cigarettes at first, but moved into firearms later. Oklu has changed his story repeatedly, claiming that he never knew what he was doing was illegal, that he was only doing it to help his aging parents, that he didn't know there were guns involved. His aging parents apparently needed him to buy a Mercedes convertible and a pet parrot with all the money he was bringing in.

I cannot even begin to express how angry this story makes me. For the first 13 years of my life, I almost never saw my father - he was too busy working details so that he could support his family on a cop's salary. There's extra money to be made as a police officer - every year, when the paper publishes the list of the highest-paid city employees, several police officers will invariably be on the list. It's because they work crazy overtime for it, though, a point that seems to escape the narrow point the paper is trying to make.

But no, Officer Oklu took the way to easy money. I'll bet he didn't have to stand in traffic for 8 hours a day *after* his standard shift ended to make that $35K. I'll bet he didn't have to get off the midnight to 8 shift, run home, grab four hours of sleep, then go to the 3-11 detail for extra cash. No, he just showed up, help move a bunch of contraband, and went out and bought a flashy car with his 30 pieces of silver. My dad drove a ten year old beater when he was on the State police - in fact, for a good long time he didn't even have a car. He sure as hell didn't have a Mercedes.

We're supposed to put our trust in these people. For the most part, that trust is justified. It only takes a tiny fraction, though, to make you really start to doubt whether or not those appointed to be the watchers wouldn't be better served by being watched themselves. The NYPD - the only people allowed to put more than 7 rounds in their magazines in NYC - have officers on the force that think nothing of breaking the laws if there's money in it for them.

And yet they're the ones that are allowed "assault weapons" and "high capacity magazines" and even exempt full auto? Really?

That is all.


Crotalus said...

Goes right alongside that "Government should have a monopoly of force" meme. I ask people who say that, "How'd that work in Hitler's Nazi Germany, or Stalin's USSR, or Mao's (Blood) Red China? Need I go on?"

Brad_in_MA said...


Sadly, yet another example of those who are granted power abuse said power. You probably know that the lawful, gun-owning public commits crime at a rate LOWER than active duty police officers. Then again, this probably comes as no surprise.

Robert said...

WI Atty General is under investigation by BATFE for buying an illegal gun from a Dept of Justice agent who was illegally making and selling 'em... The DoJ whistleblower is under investigation but the DoJ "has no intention of investigating the alledged violation".

instinct said...

Hope he enjoys his time in federal "F*** me in the A**" prison.

I have no sympathy for an officer who knowingly violates the trust he is given by breaking the law.

Michael W. said...

Nobody, but NOBODY hates and despises a law enforcement person who does something stupid or illigal like another law enforcement person. (or for that matter a former "lawdawg") Personaly I feel like someone just spit in my face when I read something like this. The only good thing is that it caught up to this nimrod as it always does.