Friday, June 21, 2013

Okay, This Is Cool.

Found this last night on a random wander through YouTube...

Here's the description:
A bald guy transforms into a hippie!! ---
Tom Offer-Westort wanted to shave his beard, but his friend Peter Simon suggested they do it in style. So, they filmed it and cut it together via a bit of stop-motion animation and rolled it out in reverse. Of course, we don't actually see Abby Simon cutting Tom's hair in between snaps, which is because Tom has magic beard-altering fingers.
Take a watch. It's very well done. What I find striking is how much he changes as the amount of hair changes. I wish I'd thought to do this when I shaved my mustache after Kilted to Kick Cancer last year. Hmm. Maybe this year I'll do it in reverse, and if I win, I'll STOP shaving for a period of time and take a picture every day of the hair growing back...

If I get enough donations, even the full beard might come back!

That is all.

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