Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NoVA Blogshoot/Kid Shoot/#1 Blogdaughter Birthday AAR

Okay, so it's been three days since the NoVA Blogshoot/Second Annual Kid Shoot/#1 Blogdaughter Super Special Birthday celebration took place. I've had time to comb through the (literally) hundreds of photos for a few representing the weekend, and here goes...

Friday night we got together for dinner at a local Italian restaurant. It's a favorite haunt of Nancy R. and Sweet Daughter - as evidenced by our waitress asking SD if she wanted "the usual" (Cheese pizza, natch), and for Italian food outside of Boston or New York goes, it was pretty darn good. Service was excellent, meal was good, and the company was magnificent. Back to the house for some "show and tell", then some planning for Saturday.

Saturday morning was range prep. We cleared brush - I'm not kidding about handing Bubblehead Les a kukri and telling him to kill anything at eye level or lower - on both the path to the range and the range itself, lugged tables and chairs down, and then set up targets. Here's what it looked like before we shot it all up:

The small steel popper on the right is about 25 feet away; the large steel plate on the right is about 40-50 yards out. Here's a closeup:

Yeah, we had fun making a smiley face. The other target is piece of strapping with 5/32" holes drilled in for Dum-Dum lollipops - Dann in OH gave Nancy the idea, and it was a wonderful test of skill to hit the dime-sized treats at 50 yards.

Once we had the range cleared, tables and chairs out, and targets placed, we broke for lunch. A quick trip to Subway (during which time someone quipped that we looked like a Drug Enforcement team given the arms and demeanor of folks present), and we were ready to set out the weaponry:

We had a lot of rifles, mostly .22LR, on the theory that rifles are easier for new shooters, and .22LR rifles are best of all - note that there are several single-shot rifles as well as bolt actions. Not for nothing, but there were three (3!) folding-stock Ruger 10/22s present...

There were plenty of handguns, mostly in .22LR, but also this:

That's the Earl Harbinger special right there...

Folks started showing up a little after 1, and the festivities soon commenced. We had quite a few new/novice shooters show up for the day, and rotated RSO duties among the folks present so everyone got a chance to shoot.

AGirl showed up with her lovely family, and the kids settled right in for some shootin' goodness:

I missed (forgot) names (not that I'd name someone else's kids, of course, and yes I did ask for permission to post these pics), but the taller daughter is one heck of a good shooter. Her son started out a little shy, but once T-bolt got him going on the Ruger 10/22, he warmed right up and was dinging the steel plates with boring regularity.

Younger daughter being coached by Alan, an Appleseed instructor, on a SWEET Savage .22LR. Alan's wife (also an Appleseed instructor, BTW) thought the ruffled socks and pink rifle just made the picture...

And Alan proved his chops with a flintlock:

Yeah, I shot it too. Big, big fun and mad thanks/props to my redheaded blog stepchild Michael W. for bringing the smokepoles...

One of the biggest hits of the day wasn't on the firing line:

That's the Zombie Outbreak Response vehicle belonging to Wandering Neurons. I'll be featuring it in its own post later, but it's an eye-catching ride to say the least!

After we got cleaned up from the shoot, it was time for the birthday party! BBQ, baked beans, tater salad, burgers, dogs, and cupcakes and pumpkin crisp were plentiful. And Shiner Bock. We circulated a card for Nancy's special [mumbletymumble] birthday, she got presents, we all mangled warbled "Happy Birthday". I think a good time was had by all.

I'm hoping this becomes an annual event - I'm already eager to do it again!

That is all.


Wally said...

Sure does sound like a great time! Happy birthday to Nancy and congratz on getting some more new shooters safely ubderway!

Very well done, sir.

But I won't be sharing my cupcake :)

.45ACP+P said...

It was indeed fun. That really accurate scoped pink rifle is a CZ 452 Scout, not a Savage. She was busting the Dum-Dums by the end. The soda cans were not enough challenge. It was great to move our "blogquaintence" to meatspace.

agirlandhergun said...

I really enjoyed the day! Everyone was just great with our kids!

Thanks again!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Kukri: If one can't have a Gun.... ; )

Wandering Neurons said...

OK, so next time I bring the Power-Weed-Whacker with the brush blade! That'll get the job done. I just wish I'd known how early "setting up the range" would be.
Had an awesome time, definitely need to do this more often!

Chris said...

It was so nice to be around such good folks. This is something that couldn't happen in most of Maryland (at least, within an hour of where I live), and being able to shoot with friends was wonderful.

Old NFO said...

Yep, FUN! :-) Good to see you again, and all the other folks too! :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't help wondering what the antis would make of such events - families and friends having a great time without anybody injured, hurt, or killed.

Looks like responsibility, safety, courtesy, and family values go well together.