Friday, June 14, 2013

More on that "Clean" Energy...

Brad_in_MA sends in yet another alternative energy success story...

Report: Wind energy may be harmful to your health (blog post)
Wind energy is supposed to be good for us. After all, electricity generated by the massive wind turbines popping up all throughout out New England won’t dirty the air we take in, and it doesn’t emit pollutants. That’s why a new report released by Wind Wise left me scratching my head.

According to the Wind Wise, industrial wind turbines can be harmful to people’s health. Well, at least for those who live near the turbines. The report says that neighbors of the wind turbines are at risk of a number of health ailments, including stress and sleep disorders. The report cites The Journal of Laryngology and Otology, which states that there is more evidence suggesting that infrasound and low frequency noise (caused by the wind turbines) have physiological effects on the ear.
Err, um... Here's a newsflash: "Green" energy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Wind farms are fine for off-shore purposes (unless they're near the Kennedy compound, that is) because there simply aren't any neighbors. They're fine in wide-open spaces like the plains of Colorado, where the nearest neighbor might be three miles away. In crowded suburbs, though, there's a growing body of evidence that indicates wind power isn't the idyllic Dutch windmill. Other sources have claimed that the rotation of the windmills can cause seizures.

So, let's recap. In addition to turning much of nature's flying wildlife into condor puree, it's causing seizures in those so prone as well as throwing off people's inner ears. Yeah, this is an energy source worth pursuing. Other than dead birds, people throwing seizures, and stress and sleeping disorders - oh, and an intermittent energy source - they're totally worth the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on them.

So let's throw a few billion dollars worth of tax money at them!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

There is also the lovely example of the bickering in amongst the NY/MA/CT towns between Routes 12 and 7; wherein wind turbines are placed according to whose view they do or do not impinge upon. Forget where the wind is.
Birds don't even have to hit the turbines to be killed; it turns out that the wake turbulence is enough to cause catastrophic injuries.
Green power = uncertain amounts, inefficient, expensive, and almost always has serious environmental consequences.
Where is my nuclear plant?

notDilbert said...

You really need to get an up close look to apreciate just how big thoose wind turbines are. Even though they look benign and just slowly rotating at 10 rpm, the tip speed of thoose 150 foot blades is close to 200 mph.

Plus since they generate power without regard to demand it means that all the other sources, need to compensate in order to keep the grid in balance, makeing thoose sources less effiecnt.