Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Make Your Day More Badass...

Stop by the post office and get a roll of these:
Stamp honoring Johnny Cash to go on sale Wednesday
Beginning Wednesday, you’ll be able to put Johnny Cash on all your mail.
A “forever” stamp honoring the country music legend will go on sale, coinciding with the end of a yearlong celebration of the Man in Black’s life and career. A free public concert in Nashville by family and friends of the singer also will honor his six-decade career.
I know what you're thinking. I thought it too. The picture from his 1969 San Quentin prison performance would have been more Johnny Cash, but something tells me the USPS wouldn't have approved it. In any case, I highly approve of this new stamp, and expect to be swinging by the post office this weekend to see if they have a roll of these.

As a side note, I have to give the USPS props for the "Forever" concept. Rather than make you run out and buy $0.01/$0.02/whatever stamps, just make the damn things good from the day they're rolled out. I would wager that the loss incurred from people buying a stamp at one price and then using it later on after an increase is more than offset by the printing costs of the smaller denominations.

In any case, put some Cash in your outgoing mail!

That is all.


Andie said...

:D USPS trip on the to-do list! <3

notDilbert said...

Fantastic ...... now all I need is someting to send via Snail Mail.

Jason in MN said...

Well that was weird. No sooner was I done torturing my kids with my rendition of Folsum Prison Blues, than I sat down and saw this post. I'll be picking some of these up for my Mom, who has a photo of herself with the Man in Black and a signed album hanging in her hallway. I never understood why she liked him when I was a kid, but now I get it. When she met him in person in the early 80s, all she could do was bawl, she was so excited. She managed to pull it together for the photo, and he's looking at her with the greatest smile. I love that photo.