Wednesday, June 19, 2013

James O'Keefe Is A National Treasure.

Seriously. This guy is what Woodward and Bernstein would have been like if the 1970s had been the 2010s. This is what journalism would actually look like if the "mainstream" media had the slightest shred of decency left.

Video shows workers offering 'Obamaphones' to those vowing to sell them -- for drugs
A Republican senator renewed his criticism of a government-backed program that hands out cell phones after an undercover video showed vendors helping people obtain the phones even after saying they wanted to sell them for drugs and other items.

The video was released by conservative activist James O'Keefe and his group Project Veritas. It claimed to show undercover investigators visiting Philadelphia locations for phone vendor Stand Up Wireless and locations for one other company.
So, what are we up to now? This is like the, what, fifth? Sixth? Fifteenth? time that O'Keefe has caught someone on tape either committing illegal acts, condoning illegal activities, or otherwise acting badly. Voter fraud, medicaid fraud, census fraud, ObamaPhone fraud... It seems like everywhere there's some BS democrat gimme program, someone's out looking to exploit it - and they're perfectly cool with that.

Jimmy Carter's grandson gets Romney's "47%" comment released and he's a hero. James O'Keefe collects tons of data on fraud, waste, and rampant abuses of the system and he's vilified. Romney's comments helped doom his campaign, so it's all fine that Carter's grandson distributed the video; O'Keefe's videos prove that gimme programs are nothing more than vote buying schemes and ways for the Democrats to stuff ballot boxes and he's a worse criminal than Dillinger.

He's doing exactly the kind of work that the "mainstream" media should be doing - and would be doing if Obama were a Republican. I still can't forget - nor forgive - the Dateline/whatever hit piece on the Barrett M82. The program breathlessly described how it was easier to obtain than a handgun (because it's a longarm), yet could punch through armor and take down planes. They framed it like it was being used by gangbangers on a daily basis - conveniently forgetting salient points like it weighs 35 pounds, is 5 feet long, and costs more than most used cars.

But you know, a little deception is perfectly fine when it's ZOMG EBIL GUNZ!!!! Or, you know, GM pickup trucks, right Dateline NBC? We have to show just how horrifically dangerous these vehicles are! Even if we have to rig them with explosives to get the result we're claiming happens naturally in a crash. Or if the Boston Globe has to violate Federal gun laws to prove that you can buy a gun illegally at a gun show. See, they MEAN well! Whereas James O'Keefe hates poor people, is a racist, and wants to keep nuns and orphans from voting.

Or something like that.

That is all.

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Stretch said...

The Left can not stand the light of day. And O'Keefe is a giant spotlight illuminating all their filth.
Small wonder he was persecuted by both the DOJ and IRS.