Monday, June 24, 2013

If It Can't Be a DGC Addition... least it can be humorous. Skidmark sends in this dumb criminal story.

Florida carjacking at gunpoint fails after man can’t drive stick shift
A man was arrested in Florida last week after his plot to steal a car was foiled by his inability to operate a manual transmission.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said that 19-year-old Antoren “Chief Keef” Bell had been charged with theft, robbery and criminal mischief for an attempted May 18 carjacking.
Okay, now, maybe the reporting is incomplete, but it seems to me that there are a few charges missing. At the very least, he was carrying that firearm without a permit, as the age in Florida is 21. That's assuming the gun was legally owned by Mr. Bell and not stolen, and also that he is not an ineligible person. Secondly, "criminal mischief"??? He stuck a gun in someone's face and demanded their car. That's at least criminal threatening, if not attempted murder. It's certainly strongarm robbery. Maybe someone local (Paging the Pantsless One) can find more info on this story?

It certainly seems as though "chief" is getting off light - well, until the other guys in jail learn he got caught because he can't drive stick...

That is all.


Pam said...

Love my stick shift! When I bought my car, the dealer said that since so few people can drive them, they don't get stolen as much

Jason in MN said...

My wife and I specifically look for stick shifts when vehicle shopping, not because they aren't stolen as often, but because we both feel like we have more control of the vehicle when driving them. You can bet our kids will learn to drive a manual before they drive an automatic.

Knotthead said...

I remember a story a few years ago, also in Florida, I think, where a prospective carjacker who found himself in the same situation was so upset that he shot and killed the car owner. Kind of takes a bit of the funny out of the situation.