Friday, June 28, 2013

Gear Bleg...

So, Dave H. e-mailed me with an interesting question:
Last year you reviewed the Maxpedition Gearslinger Malaga. You seemed pretty pleased with it. How well do you think it would carry on a motorcycle? I need something to carry stuff to work - lunch, phone, iPod, a couple file folders, and maybe a laptop sometimes.
I had to take the bags off of my Triumph (that's the last time I put nylon on a bike) and I like the simpler look now.
I responded that while I really liked the Gearslinger for walking around the NRA Convention or humping around the range at Media Day, I really had no idea how it would hold up to 70+ MPH speeds off the back of a motorcycle. Personally, I prefer a traditional backpack on the bike, ideally something with both chest and waist buckles just for extra piece of mind (if for no other reason than you know the bag is still there).

The 5.11 RUSH72 pack I reviewed last year would be great for a long haul (especially if the bike has a backrest, because a full RUSH72 will become your own backrest as a solo rider), but it's perhaps a bit too large for a daily commuter. 5.11 offers a RUSH12 backpack that might be a better fit for a daily commute; if it wears as well as the RUSH72 it should work just fine.

Since the Harley has two cavernous hard saddlebags, I haven't had to worry about small item storage for 10 years now. Before that, I had leather bags on my Honda; going back to my very first motorcycle - a Yamaha XS850 Midnight Special - I was a struggling graduate student and simply threw my school bag over my shoulder for the bike commute in.

Anyone who commutes via motorcycle have any other gear recommendations for Dave?

That is all.


LCB said...

My Honda has a luggage rack behind the sissy bar. I use a cargo-net to hold my bag for riding to work. I've used backpacks...laptop bags...and now a leather, over the shoulder bag. With the rack and cargo-net it really doesn't matter what kind of bag is used.

Dave H said...

Thanks Jay & LCB. I do have a luggage rack and a cargo net, so that might be an option.

That RUSH12 pack looks like it'll fit the bill. It has a chest strap which will help keep the thing in place when I'm on the bike (which is unlikely to reach speeds of 70+ MPH - Jay must be thinking of someone else) and a carry handle for when I'm driving the cage. I just wish it didn't have PALS webbing all over it. That's a little more tactical than I like.

Thanks again to both of you.

The Big Guy said...

Guess I'm too late, but I ride my 2003 FJR 1300 (Which has a trunk and hard bags) but I still use a single strap shoulder bag.

Love this bag...
It sits flat behind me on the seat- up against my back.

iPad, laptop, misc pieces and parts... It's pretty tactical too, but it is roomy and tough.

Check it out...