Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #323

Friend, blogmeet attendee, and all-around good guy Chad sends in today's gun pic:

I'll let Chad tell you about her:
This is a Model 70 Winchester in .270 Win, manufactured in November of 1941 according to Winchester.  The stock is a Bishop, for whatever that's worth.  When it came to me it had a scope mounted using a Stith mount (Stith, not Sith :D).  Feel free to use my full name, location, or whatever else you choose, I don't mind. 
You know, it's funny. I have polymer-stocked "sniper rifles". I have wood-stocked milsurps. I have beautiful wood and blued steel lever action rifles. I have several (and adding more all the time it seems) evil black rifles. The one type I don't have is a scoped centerfire bolt action rifle. There's about 500 million different types to choose from out there, and some day I'll get around to picking one up (most likely in G-d's own caliber, just because).

I think it's a case of "you don't want that which you can easily acquire". A bolt-action rifle? Those are legal all day long even in Massachusetts. The "assault weapons ban" only barely covers some of these, in that if they are magazine fed, the magazine can only hold 10 rounds (unless it's pre-ban). Heck, I can buy one of these in NH or ME. In any case, though, a wood-stocked, blued-steel centerfire rifle with a good scope on it has a place in any armory.

Thanks for sharing her with us, Chad!

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Purty! It's a year newer than mine!!! :-)

Stithjim said...

Stith used to make some fine optics and optic accessories back in the day :)

Stretch said...

Damn! A safe full of guns and I don't have a scoped bolt-action either. Must get:
A) Scope for existing rifle(s).
B) New rifle WITH scope.
C) Both A and B.

Dave H said...

I've got a boltie with a scope, but it's a .22. I've been thinking of a scout rifle as my next "don't need but gotta have" acquisition.

Angus McThag said...

Wow, I thought I was the only one!

It's something I want and plan on getting, I just never have quite managed to get one.

.308 or .30-06 makes sense here since I already stock those.