Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #322

Today's gun pic is a pair of guns. One I've had the pleasure of shooting; the other, not yet:

I'll let Stickman, the owner of both firearms, tell you about them:
Just wanted to share with you a little gun porn, as you can see from the attach, is my little Isreali girlfriend "Ziva". Whom you have intimate knowledge of ( never say I don't share things) and I just had to dress her up in her spike heels for the pictures.  Legal or not. :)  And yes I do have names for my favorites. Which brings me to her yet named partner. Now don't be fooled by the dress up, this is NOT a suppressed P-90, I could only wish, being a mere civilian now. This is one of my old Ruger 10/22s dressed up in Hight Tower Armorys (promised plug for Andy @HTA) HTA 90/22 Bullpup stock. I had been drooling over this for a year. Last Wens. they put out an email, I immediately went online and ordered and it (#68) was in the mail Sat. Brovo Zulus to Andy and HTA. Although I haven't been to the range yet, the parts are well made and a great design, no trigger slop, great instructions and easy too. I feel like a little girl with a new Barbie. The EOTEC I picked up in China last year went right on the rails and Vola. Ziva has some competition. Not to worry, I will be keeping both very warm. See you at the range.
Boy, howdy, that bullpup stock looks nice... If I could get my hands on a couple more pre-ban 10/22 magazines, I'd be really tempted to pick one of these up with a new carbine. Between the odd caliber (5.7X28mm? Really?) of the P-90 and the funky magazine, even the semi-automatic PS90 holds little appeal. But a kit that turns the 10/22 into a P90 look-a-like? Sign me up...

Thanks for sharing, Stickman - hope you can bring both of these lovely ladies to the next shoot!

That is all.


Anonymous said...
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Robert said...

Picked up a real Made in the USA EoTech in China? Or did he buy a cheap counterfeit? If the latter, shame shame.

Anonymous said...

Got 2 25 round sticks from Ruger for it. The EOTEC was a knock off less than $100.00, But then I bought an Aimpoint in China for less that $100 and it has Aimpoint engraved on it. Go figure! Both seem to work as advertized.