Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Farewell To Arms"...

This is a class act right here. Hat's off to Magpul.

Colorado company to give away ammunition magazines ahead of ban
With just days to go before Colorado's strict new gun control law is set to take effect, gun accessories manufacturer Magpul says it plans to distribute 1,500 30-round magazines to gun owners for free.

The company, which has vowed to leave the state over the law, will take part in what organizers are calling a "Farewell to Arms Festival," on Saturday in Glendale, reports.
1,500 magazines for free. That's like giving away a new car - and if you're buying through CTD, a Porsche... They're selling more magazines to CO for $10 each, as well, meaning that anyone in CO that wants a quality AR magazine should get to Glendale today.The law banning new 16+ round magazines goes into effect on Monday, July 1st, so the magazine you buy today would be illegal to buy in two days.

Yeah, that's just as stupid as it sounds.

With millions upon millions of standard capacity magazines - remember, the AR-15 ships with a 30 round magazine, so anything less is lower capacity - in circulation, and to my knowledge only CT has even proposed requiring a date stamp on magazines, it is going to be excruciatingly hard to enforce this ban. In other words, it's standard gun control BS: do nothing to address the problem while making good people have to jump through more hoops.

"Is this magazine pre-7/1/13?" Get used to asking that, CO. AR-15s, Glocks, M&Ps, heck, even the new Ruger 10/22 25-round magazine are now illegal. It's a misdemeanor if they catch you, a misdemeanor if they catch you a second time, but the third time they catch you with an "illegal magazine", it's a felony. Just think about that for a second. A felony, simply for owning a piece of metal.

That's Massachusetts-grade stupid right there.

That is all.

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They call me Moe! said...

Poor Colorado, done been over run with Kalifornee Libtards.

I use to be tolerant of the Liberal, now I can't stand to be in the same room with one of them.


280 hiconsi said...

What is really "Massachusetts grade stupid" is that:

1.) The citizens of Massachusetts repeatedly reelect the clowns that enact this kind of legislation to local, state and Federal offices.

2.) The citizens of Massachusetts think that this legislation somehow makes them feel "safer".

3.) The citizens of Massachusetts still have the illusion that they are "free" and receive the benefits of "liberty".

jed said...


I'm sure there'll be lots of AARs around soon. Fortunately, it was a nice day; none of the high heat we've had around here lately. I hope Magpul has a count of the total number of magazines disbursed. In the pre-order lines, I saw lots of people walking away with 3, 4, and 5 magazines. Then on the other side, the lines for purchasing were still going strong when I left.