Friday, June 21, 2013

Don't Rock The Glock Block...

PJS sent this in for review. Quite interesting, especially the implications...

Glock block: Pistol-packing Oregon neighborhood fights crime wave
An Oregon community fed up with rising petty neighborhood crime and dissatisfied with police response has taken matters into their own hands. They’ve organized a citizens’ watchdog group – armed with Glock handguns and ready to protect their property.
Their pamphlets, posted in noticeable spots around town, states: “This is a Glock Block. We don’t call 911,” firstreported.
First off, I disagree with this completely. You should always call 911 - those chalk outlines around the dead goblin won't draw themselves... Secondly, and more seriously, good on those folks for not just rolling over and dying and taking precautions for their own safety. If enough crooks run into armed good guys, perhaps they'll rethink their ways.

And lastly, this seems to be part of a growing and disturbing trend. My brother-from-another-mother Rick Ector has been chronicling the steady decline of Detroit - hint: RoboCop was optimistic - and has noted that entire sections have been abandoned by the police. Most everyone has heard of this story (thanks to A. for the tip) where the 911 dispatcher tells the woman on the end of the phone, "Sorry, we don't have anyone to send" as an ex-boyfriend attempts to break into her house.

So, let's recap. We've already been told that the police are under no duty whatsoever to protect you. Now they're abandoning areas entirely, telling people under attack that they're on their own? And the best the antis can come up with is to limit the number of rounds a firearm can legally be loaded with? Really? They want to take away semi-automatic rifles; they want to reduce magazine capacity to, well, a number lower than 7; they rail against "Stand Your Ground" laws.

And meanwhile, police departments are quietly abdicating their duty to "protect and serve". NYPD can't take out their guns without shooting bystanders; LAPD has no rules of engagement whatsoever; Detroit and Oregon have just thrown their hands up and resigned. And we're supposed to accept that "90% of all Americans want more gun control"? Horsehockey.

This community in OR doesn't want more gun control - unless by "gun control" you mean "front sight, press".

That is all.


David said...

The sign should say "We only call 911 for cleanup".

Dave H said...

"KOIN reported that police are wary of the vigilante movement."

It's not vigilanteism if you're defending yourself.

I do hope they're getting instruction in what they can and can't do with a defensive arm. Plugging a thief who's running away with your birdbath may be satisfying, but it's probably not worth doing time. If they need a class for a CC permit that should be covered though.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Actually, I think this is a sign that Civilization has started to regain control. If the Elected Public Servants won't do the job that they were hired to do, yet still insist on being paid by the Taxpayers, then they should not Bitch when a Community says "ENOUGH!"

In other words, if the Gooberment won't provide Security to a Community then they can kneel before the Goblins, like Detroit, Chicago, LA, Boston, or they can do what they need to do.

After all, "It takes a Village," right?

Phssthpok said...

Having lived fairly nearby there's several points I'd like to make.

1: IIRC the very first episode/season of 'COPS' was filmed in this area.

2: This is *NOT* a 'rural' area.

3: Jennings Lodge is not all that far from Clackamas Town Center (see: mall shooter stopped by CCW)

4: People still insist on thinking Oregon is a 'blue state'. It's not. It's a a full-on wookiee-suit libertarian/conservative red state with a (sadly) dominating blue population along the I-5 corridor from Albany to Portland.

Daniel in Brookline said...

With a little luck, the goblins will soon learn that they'd RATHER be caught by police than by the Glock Block.

The Neophyte said...

And you forgot to mention that in Tampa, the cops are leaving their guns in movie theater bathrooms.