Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't Mess With Mama Bear, Part II

Several folks sent this one in. Seems they thought it might resonate...

Texas mom says she punched robber, ran over him to protect children
A Texas mother says she threw an armed robber out of her van and ran over him after he threatened two of her children.
Dorothy Baker, of Baytown, said she was driving with her 2-year-old and 5-year-old sons when a man popped up from behind the third row of her van, demanding $200 in cash, KHOU reports.
One minor quibble here:
She believes Martinez, who is in stable condition at a hospital, got in her unlocked van during a stop at a Kroger food store.
Lock your damn doors, people. Look, I know it's a pain in the butt, especially with two young kids, but that's a basic rule of safety. Not only that, but it doesn't seem like she checked the van before getting in. It helps prevent thefts of opportunity, random vandalism, and possible tomfoolery (someone could fill your car with rhubarb, for instance).

Dude lunged at her with a knife. She not only stopped his attack, but disarmed him and rattled him enough to get him to jump out of the van. As he ran off, she realized he was going to do this to someone else, so she ran his ass down.

[pause to let cheering and clapping subside]

This is Texas. The odds of finding a jury that would convict this woman are pretty slim, I would imagine. I think "My foot slipped" or "I hit the gas instead of the brake in a panic" would be sufficient "evidence" to get this thrown out. He's damn lucky she didn't put a round through his running lights. It just goes to show you, though. You mess with someone's kids, you are in for a world of hurt.

Speaking for no one other than myself, my son's arrival was one of the big pushes that got me back into "the gun thing". I got my permit after my grandfather passed away and I inherited his pistols; I bought a couple handguns - none really suitable for concealed carry - and didn't think much of it beyond plinking. Then my world changed: I was responsible for the safety of this little person. That's a game-changer. I wanted the best tools possible to keep my son (and later, daughter) safe.

Of course, if it came down to it, my foot could slip on the gas pedal of the Dodge Earthf**ker, too...

That is all.


Will Brown said...

Sorry Jay, my moneys on "attempted vehicular manslaughter" here.

She chased him down, so no longer a legitimate self-defense claim. She assaulted him with her vehicle, so a legitimate-seeming claim of some variation of assault-and-battery actually is part of the Texas criminal code.

The mom couldn't possibly know in advance what choices the man might have made in future, any more than could a cop know what your future intent might be while carrying a gun.

You are correct that there will likely be a public outcry for her to receive leniency in sentencing, but Texas juries (Grand or otherwise) have shown themselves to be largely unwilling to accept claims of vigilante justice as sufficient to merit an exception to the law. And absent some unmentioned aspect to events you portray (she ran over him during the course of escaping him with her children, say), vigilante justice seems a legitimate descriptions of Dorothy Baker's actions.

Sorry, acknowledgement of her bravery during his assault of her and her children certainly seems warranted, but that doesn't relieve her of responsibility for her subsequent actions with her van.

TigerStripe said...

I don't see a prosecution happening unless there's an outcry like there was in Florida for the not to be named case going on right now. TS

Mrs. Widget said...

Texas, where supposedly it was said at a trial, "he needed killing."